Are You Watering Down Your Money?

by Stephanie Berenbaum – April 12, 2013

windowwomanTake a Closer Look at What’s In Your Products

Lately we’ve been reading some really interesting stuff – it’s the ingredient labels in our kitchen. –Not always so Fab & Fru! One of the main ingredients in most cleaning products is WATER -  and why are we paying for it when we can get it right from the tap?!

The Dirty Truth About Cleaning Products

Many ready-to-use cleaning products are anywhere from 90-95% WATER. That’s right. So the actual cleaner is only making up 5-10% of the product.  Plus, you are paying for all those bottles and packaging, when you could just use one bottle and reduce not only the impact on your wallet, but also the impact on the environment!


We’ve written many times about using natural ingredients like vinegar to mix with water to make your own products in your own reusable bottles.  But if you prefer a store bought cleaner, you have a huge variety to choose from!  Anything from old stand-bys like Windex to new eco-friendly brands like Replenish offer concentrated formulas that are easy to use…

Fab & Fru Food

So I decided to keep my kitchen investigation going and take a closer look at some of the seemingly Fab & Fru foods in my pantry.  A lot of us have turned to using Sodastream as a way to cut down on waste from soda (which is mainly water with a little concentrate).  But did you know other foods can be watered down too?

For instance, during a recent trip to Costco, I bought a three pack of Kirkland Marinara which seemed like a good deal. tomatosauceUntil I noticed that the second ingredient is water!

If you’re making pasta sauce from scratch, many of us add in some of the pasta cooking water – but I certainly don’t want to pay for water as the second ingredient!  I love the convenience of jarred sauce, but there are many other brands on the market which don’t add in additional water.  As is so often the case with being Fab & Fru – the price only tells a part of the story!

Save Bucks and Bottles

So, the next time you are at the store, read the labels and consider all the options.  Paying big bucks for water is just like flushing your hard earned money down the toilet!

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