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3 Major Nuptial No No’s

Summer wedding season is just around the corner, and you know what that means.  Along with champagne and love – lots of bad taste will also be flowing.  So, while we still have time, here are a few Fab & Fru tips for summer brides.  Weddings are a great example of why being Fab & Fru isn’t just about maximizing your finances – it’s about knowing how to manage money and manners!

No, You Cannot Ask For Cash

One of our friends received a wedding invitation with the less than subtle words No Boxed Gifts emblazoned on it.  The translation, of course, was that they did not want traditional presents – only cash.  In the infinite pantheon of wedding related bad taste – this still has to be the worst violation we’ve come across.

So, for the Fab & Fru record, we’re letting you know: we don’t care how fiscally responsible you think you’re being – it is NEVER okay to ask for cash for your wedding.  If friends or relatives choose to give you money (which they often do) that is fine, but requesting it is a major nuptial no-no!  And if you choose to “register” for donations to your honeymoon or a new house fund we can’t stop you – but just be sure you’re not advertising it on your invite!

No, You Cannot Include Your Registry Info With Your Wedding Invitation

bridezillaOkay, so you made it past step one and you’re not asking for cash – that’s a good start.  But one tacky trend we’ve noticed is many brides putting in little cards (or worse – on the invite itself) stating where the couple is registered. Asking for gifts as part of your invite – whether it be cash or a vase – is not okay.

In most cases, guests can easily find your registry online with a few clicks – or they can just email your close friends and ask them.  The tradition of registering is awkward enough, but to direct your guests where to buy gifts in or on the invite is – you guessed it – a major nuptial no-no!

No, You Cannot Get Pissy If Your Guests Choose Not To Travel To Your Destination Wedding

We’ve heard of one too many brides who are offended about guests not spending thousands to travel to their destination wedding in the Caribbean, Capri, Cabo – or whatever exotic locale they “can’t wait to share” with their friends.

When you make your arrangements, be aware that no matter how much someone loves you, it just might not be feasible for them to travel to the ends of the earth for your wedding.  The expectation that people owe it to you to spend enormous amounts of money to attend your wedding is – you guessed it – tantamount to asking for cash.  While of course you should have your wedding wherever you please, we advise being pleasantly surprised with those who do make it – rather than disappointed by those who don’t!

We could go on and on when it comes to the topic of wedding etiquette – but that’s all for today.  Next up?  You guessed it – guests behaving badly! 





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