Discount Do or Don’t?


Our friend Jane is a clothing designer – her chic designs can be seen on many celebrities and we all love wearing her beautiful pieces. As a courtesy, she extended wholesale pricing to her friends and family – which is basically a 50% discount off what we would pay in the stores – very Fab & Fru!

So what’s the issue?  We were out one night when our friend Hannah mentioned the discount code to a few additional friends of hers – people Jane doesn’t even know.  Hannah’s rationale was that her friends would never be bale to buy Jane’s shirts at full price, so Jane wasn’t actually losing business – she was gaining business she wouldn’t have had!

Some of us thought it was totally wrong of her to pass on the code without checking with Jane first, though others saw Hannah’s point of view.  After all, Jane hadn’t put any specific restrictions on the discount code…

Do you think we should mention something to Jane – or just let it go?  And do you think Hannah was doing Jane a favor – or hurting her business?

Tell us what you think!

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3 Responses to “Discount Do or Don’t?”

  1. StephCherie says:

    I think that Hannah was wrong and they should mention it to Jane. She was being courtesy to her friends and family and it should have remained just that.
    If Hannah thinks her friends wouldn’t pay full price, then they can keep it moving. But I think they would because they would admire what they have and want it as well…and I guarantee if they really want it, the would pay the price.

  2. AnneMarieF says:

    I think Hannah should not have passed along the discount code. Jane provided it to a limited number of friends as a personal favor, not with the intention of giving people she did not know a huge discount.

  3. Molly says:

    It was absolutely wrong of Hannah to share the discount code. Jane should have asked Hannah first. Jane is obviously an idiot when it comes to marketing. Allowing your close friends and family to buy at wholesale is a win-win. It give those you care about a chance to buy your items at a great price, and when they get compliments, they’ll be sure to let people know where they can be purchased. I have a close friend who’s a fashion designer and he lets me buy things at his cost. When the compliments come in and people ask where I bought it, I tell them the name of the store I know he’s sold the item to. I’d never say I got it from him at a discount. I want to help his business, not hurt it!

    Hannah’s friends, on the other hand, when they get compliments will let everyone know they “scored” and bought it from the designer at wholesale cost. At that point, their friends will ask how they can do the same thing and won’t buy it at retail because now they think they’re overpaying and they’ll wait til they can get it cheaper.

    Therefore, what Hannah is doing is not only rude to Jane, but is potentially hurting her business.

Any Thoughts?