Fighting For Money Back


Last week, Diana bought a $138 dress from Anthropologie online.  When it arrived and she tried it on, it was just as she hoped!  And although it was a bit pricey, she loved it so much she felt it was worth the money.  However, when Diana looked at the tag, she noticed the it had a sticker over the $138 price for $69.00 – say what?!  Had Anthropologie marked down the dress and did not pass the discount on to her?

At half the price, Diana decided to immediately take the dress into her local store and ask to be reimbursed for the difference.  But when she got to the store, the same dress was still marked at full price, and the sales clerk helping her began to question Diana!

Of course, this was rather enraging, and Diana demanded to speak to a manager.  After an hour of trying to figure out what happened, the manager finally confirmed that the dress had in fact gone on sale, and her store was late marking it down.  Diana must have ordered the dress right when the price got slashed, but it hadn’t yet registered online.  In the end, it was a great deal for Diana, but it took up a full 2 hours of her day – and involved some pretty frustrating conversations to boot!  So – what do you think – was it worth the hassle and commotion?

How hard would you fight for your money back?  Tell us what you think!

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5 Responses to “Fighting For Money Back”

  1. Simone says:

    We all put a different value on our time. We don’t know how much Diana earns. But if she thinks that $138. is pricey for a dress, I would assume she doesn’t make a big salary. So, she worked for two hours to get a $70. reduction, making it a $35.00 an hour job.

    If you earn $100. an hour (approx. $200,000. a year) you might not fight so hard. If you earn $25. an hour (approx. $52,000. a year) then it’s worth it.

  2. Sue says:

    I agree with the above but part of it is also the principle of the matter. If she thought it was pricey at the $138 but worth it ……….I personally would have fought it as well.

  3. Malia says:

    A similar experience happened to me. I purchased “marked down” boots at Dillards for a steal at $50 (1/2 off). I went online to see if they had the other color available the same day–to my surprise, they were marked down to $25 (and no the other color wasn’t available). I was a little upset because it was the same day, so I expect the same price online as in the store. I took them back to the store, he told me that they hadn’t updated the stores prices back and I received the difference. Even for $25 its worth my time.

  4. louie says:

    I find it a little funny as to some of the above replies, measuring your time in unscrewing a screw job, vs. what you make in salary, but that’s principle vs laziness. Unfortunately, as you have noted and can see, in today’s business environment, pricing moves are instantaneous via computer and store personnel have a difficult time keeping up with the manual tasks involved in doing a markup or markdown. The real point here is service and receiving the right price and credit. I would be loyal to the stores that do admit to the error or slowness and honor the pricing change rebate. This is what being Fab & Fru is all about, no?

  5. Wendy says:

    Just as a WISE person once said;
    “A penny saved… is a penny earned”.
    Whether it came to you on a paycheck or not, is irrelevant!

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