Hey Big Spenders!

For their best friend Nicola’s 40th birthday, college friends Johanna, Stevie and Amy are going in on a special present for her – together.  The three friends couldn’t decide on whether to give Nicola an afternoon at the spa ($100 person), or splurge even more and go on a low-key girls weekend upstate New York.  While everyone loved the idea of going on a little getaway, they were on the fence about spending more than 3x as much as they would just sending Nicola to get a facial and massage solo.

Then, a couple of days ago, without consulting Stevie, Amy and Johanna announced they were all going on a weekend yoga and meditation retreat the last weekend in May.  Johanna and Amy were beyond thrilled that they had snagged a deal on the last 4 person bungalow.  And the retreat, room and board for 1 night and 2 days was ‘just’ $300 a person ($400 per person splitting Nicola’s fees).

Annoyed that she wasn’t consulted on the final verdict, Stevie has a dilemma.  While she technically has the cash for the trip,  she also has a few hundred dollars worth of minor repairs to take care of around her condo.  And while she wants to go away with her friends and give her dear pal a grand b-day gift, $100 is a lot different than $400…

Should Stevie tell the others that she has to back out of the trip and gift giving, or should she put the repairs on hold and just embrace the special occasion and the chance to have quality time with her closest friends?  What would you do?

Tell us what you think!

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2 Responses to “Hey Big Spenders!”

  1. Simone says:

    I think that she should do whatever she would have done had she been consulted. In other words, her friends got excited with enthusiasm and went ahead and booked it. Sometimes stuff just happens. If Stevie would have gone along had she been consulted, then she should proceed with the plan. Had she told them that she wasn’t going to participate if they asked her first, then she should not participate now.

    It just seems like she’s (rightfully) annoyed that she wasn’t asked first. However, I wouldn’t let that sway her decision.

  2. Melanie says:

    She should be straight up with her friends because at the end of the day she has obligations that need to met. I would love to celebrate with my friends in upstate New York but I have to think about priorities. When she returns from the trip, if she decides to go, she will still have those same obligations of fixing her condo.

Any Thoughts?