Pore Manners?

Our friend Jessie is a highly regarded dermatologist.  Many of New York City’s elite pay big bucks – and wait ages – to see her!  But a lot of her friends get her skin-saving medical advice for free

Jessie recently confided to us that she is getting sick of everyone asking her to check out moles and give Botox advice whenever the ladies get together for dinner.  Some of our friends think we should stop hitting her up for advice altogether, while others feel we all contribute from our areas of expertise – which includes everything from fashion to auto care  to interior design!

Is it bad form to hit up doctor pals for free advice?  Or do you feel we all give and take, and it’s fine amongst friends? Tell us what you think!

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One Response to “Pore Manners?”

  1. Chelsea says:

    I think there’s a fine line (pardon the pun) between advice amongst friends, and overstepping boundaries.

    Checking out a mole involves an office visit, often taking a sample of cells and sending off to a lab. Also, in most instances, it’s covered by insurance. So anyone asking for medical advice should be told, in a friendly way, that what she’s asking is too serious to be rendered an opinion without a real office visit and testing the mole.

    I think that if you ask a dermatologist friend if you could use Botox at a friendly girls gathering, it’s fine. Asking her give you an injection of it for free (or for the cost-only of the serum) is not.

    It’s not any different than if you had a friend who’s a hair stylist and asked her during a night out how you might change up your hair style. Just don’t expect her to cut and/or color it for free.

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