Can You Will An Online Sale?


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Are you an avid online shopper?  Some of our Fab & Fru friends have noticed a new trend which entices customers to purchase those items they’re on the fence about!

Not surprisingly, big companies from West Elm to Victoria’s Secret are monitoring our shopping carts.  If you have an account with a store, and leave items in your online cart (without purchasing them) when you logout, many stores will send you an email a week or so later offering a miraculous discount on the items in your cart.

This type of marketing move cuts both ways.  If you didn’t buy an item you truly love because it was just to expensive, this “magic discount” may be a great gift to you.  However – if you are anything like us and fill your cart up with stuff you don’t really need and promptly forget about – this could be a dangerous lure into getting you to spend money you otherwise wouldn’t have spent. So – as always – buyer beware!

We’ve had reports from friends of this happening on several occasions, but we want to hear from you.  The next time you shop online, see if you get a discount offer a week or so later for the items you left in your cart.  Will the discount push you over the edge to buy the item, or will that week wait still make you think twice?

Let us know your experience, and how much you save by being a more patient shopper!

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