Summer’s In The Bag

Longchamp colours

Why We Love Longchamp

Summer’s almost here, and if you’re anything like me, then you’ve been on the hunt for a new summer bag.  There’s nothing worse than dragging around your old fall/winter purse on a hot July afternoon…

After exhaustive searching, we’ve come back to a classic Fab & Fru fave to fulfill all our summer needs – say bonjour to Longchamp!

French, Fab & Fru

If you’re Fab & Fru, you know French women seem to effortlessly look chic while keeping on budget. Keep it simple, keep it elegant – and invest in quality.  While French company Longchamp does make leather bags, we prefer their nylon bags for summer – they are light weight, and of course much less expensive than leather! And we love how nylon holds up against all the water and sand we will (hopefully) be near all summer long!  At $125 for the medium shoulder tote (perfect for every day) that’s a lot of chic on the cheap …

longchampsReady, Set, Go

The other stylish feature of Longchamp is (like that other French icon, Louis Vuitton) that you can mix and match different sizes – perfect for compiling a fabulous set on a budget!  Also because these bags are designed to fold away (origami-style), they are perfect to pack for your summer getaways – and take up almost no room back at home.

Send Your Fall Friends to the Doctor

Your fall bags should be taken in to be refurbished and repaired now!  While some repairs are quick, many luxury brands can take as long as 10 weeks to refurbish (Bottega owners, I am talking to you)!  Drop them off now so they’ll be ready to enjoy again in the fall – without having to shell out for a whole new bag.

You know we love Longchamp, but we’re wondering – what other Fab & Fru handbags do you swear by for summer fun? 


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