Who Are You Wearing?



Our friend Emily was complaining to us last night about one of the moms at her daughter’s school.  The other mom – we’ll call her Judy – is a major fashionista – who also happens to be majorly rich!  Even if she’s just dropping her kids off a school, she’s jumping out of her Tesla covered head to toe in Gucci, Prada, Chanel… you get the (very pricey) picture!

“Judy” loves checking out what the other moms are wearing and if she likes something, always asks something along the lines of: “Who makes that? Who are you wearing? It’s fabulous!” While her curiosity is meant to be a compliment, it’s rubbing some of the ladies the wrong way!   Some of the moms confess they feel sort of embarrassed when they reveal to Judy that no, their dress isn’t by Tom Ford – it’s actually from Target!

Judy’s unrelenting fashion interrogations have become so annoying that some of the moms think they should (gently) tell her to back off on the questioning. But the others think it would be WAY too awkward to say anything without making Judy feel terrible – and that it’s just not worth it.

So – what would you do?  Do you think it’s wrong of Judy to constantly ask about which brands people are wearing?  Or are the ladies just over-reacting to an honest compliment? Tell us what you think! 

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2 Responses to “Who Are You Wearing?”

  1. Molly says:

    I don’t think Judy is wrong to ask, as she always does it in a complimentary way. Saying “Wow, I love your bag, who’s is it?” is a compliment to the wearer’s taste in fashion.
    That said, it can be grating if it’s done too often. No one wants a fashion quiz every time they’re at the schoolyard.
    I’ve had some people in my life ask me these questions too often, and I simply say, “I don’t remember” and then change the subject. If they press the issue, I’ll say, “it’s really not important to me”.

  2. Sue says:

    I agree with Molly but I must say that some of the most fun I have had regarding something that I found that is Fabulous (even if only to me since we all have different tastes) is “yes isn’t it wonderful, I got it at Goodwill” or where I live a place called the Lion’s Den which is associated with the Lion’s club. All the workers are volunteers and all the money goes to help people of the community. The prices are the absolute best.

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