Jackie and Bill’s 9 year old daughter, Eve, was recently invited to go on a playdate with her friend Sara.  When Sara and her parents came to pick Eve up, they mentioned they were going to take them to see a movie – the girls were thrilled!

As they were leaving, Jackie ran after Sara’s mom, Deb, and handed her $10 to help cover the movie ticket – which Deb accepted.  After they left, Bill told Jackie she shouldn’t have given them any money – it was their idea to take the girls to the movie – so therefore they should cover the costs!

Jackie told Bill she felt awkward because the cost of going to the movies is so high these days.  But now she is wondering if she started an awkward trend by giving Deb the money…

Bill thinks both women were in the wrong:  Jackie should not have offered the money – but Deb should also never have taken it!

So – what would you have done? Was it right of Jackie to give Deb the money? And was it okay for Deb to accept it?

Tell us what you think!

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2 Responses to “Pay-Date?”

  1. Simone says:

    I think the ladies have it right. Deb didn’t say she was treating Eve to the movies. She offered to create a playdate for them and Jackie was right to offer to pay her child’s experiences and Deb was right to accept it.2

  2. Vittoria says:

    I think it was a nice gesture to offer the money. I also think it was fine for Deb to accept, though I think either way would have been ok. It is a nice idea to give your child money to offer to pay for something on a play date as long as it is age appropriate. This can teach generosity and good manners.

Any Thoughts?