Real Drama Over A Fake Bag


Our friend Geri recently returned from New York with a fabulous new Prada bag — or so it seemed!  As we were all fawning over it at dinner the other night, she confided in us that it was actually a knock-off she bought on the street for only $30!

Though most of the ladies were impressed with her money-saving move, a couple really took her to task over it.  Our friend Abby started telling her how counterfeit operations actually fund a lot of criminal activities – and that the simple act of buying that bag may have far reaching implications!

After Abby gave her two cents worth, the conversation ground to quite an abrupt halt.  It definitely killed the jovial mood of the evening, and left Geri feeling judged and embarrased.  Some of our friends thought Abby was totally out of line for criticizing Geri in front of the group, while others thought it was appropriate – and helpful – that she shared her opinion.

What do you think – was Abby’s commentary acceptable?  Or should she have kept her mouth zipped on this one? Tell us what you think!

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3 Responses to “Real Drama Over A Fake Bag”

  1. Dana S. says:

    People have various reasons why they would buy a fake bag. I think I would keep quiet and not rock the boat. Friendships are so fragile, I try to live with the motto to be kind to everyone. If Abby is always voicing her opinion, her friends will end up walking on egg shells around her.

  2. Lana says:

    Abby should have kept her comments on a lighter, non-judgmental tone. What Abby said may or may not be true in some situations. Think of the lavish, narcissistic lifestyles of designers. When people spent an outrageous price on a designer item, that is what you are paying for. Outrageous designer prices invite replicas. Good for Geri that she spent her money wisely and found a stylish bag for $30.00!

  3. Molly says:

    I disagree with Dana and Lana who, along with “Geri” the buyer, seem to feel that buying counterfeit goods is a victimless crime. It isn’t. It funds terrorists, illegal ammunitions, drug smugglers, human trafficking and a host of other illegal activities. Dana, Lana – how would you feel if your friend told you that they bought a box of discounted chocolates from a company that creates child porn? Would you say it’s okay because the chocolate was a good price and not everyone can afford high priced fancy chocolates?

    Counterfeit goods are also one of the things that contributes to the high cost of legitimate designer goods, as companies have to spend millions on legal fees to try and get some of the goods off the market. It costs NYC taxpayers money for the extra police it takes to round up the illegal street sellers. Additionally, it prevents small companies from doing business. If your budget for a handbag is under $50. there are plenty of companies who make nice things, however, they often can’t get distribution in the dept stores because people like Geri are supporting the criminals rather than supporting hardworking Americans who are trying to have a profitable small business.

    As far as ruining the mood of the evening, it’s the same as if Geri said she went to NYC and bought heroin on the street. Give your opinion to the person who committed the crime, (yes, buying illegal merchandise IS a crime) and then move on with your evening. Hopefully some of what Abby said sunk into Geri’s ignorant head and she won’t commit any more crime, and support terrorists.

    Funny how some people think it’s okay to buy an illegal handbag, but when they get counterfeit toothpaste filled with plaster, or counterfeit light bulbs that blow up and cause a fire, it’s not okay. It’s the same illegal companies producing the goods!

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