The Celebrity Treatment


Our friend Diane is a waitress at a very trendy Beverly Hills bistro - one frequented by tons of celebs…  In addition to the fabulous stories she brings home, she has also become quite accustomed to receiving some unbelievably generous tips from the rich and famous – sometimes more than 50%!

The other night, one of her all-time favorite stars came into the restaurant and was seated in Diane’s section.  To her delight, he was just as charming in real life as he is on the silver screen.  Legendary for his excessive lifestyle, she couldn’t wait to see what sort of gratuity he left. But when Diane checked her tip, he had only left her 20%!

Stunned, Diane couldn’t hide her shock and disappointment.  Now, of course 20% would be considered to be a generous tip from a regular customer – but from a mega-celebrity – she was expecting a much grander gesture.

Some of our friends think it was super cheap of an obviously rich star to leave what any other patron would leave.  But others think that being notoriously wealthy does not obligate anyone – celeb or not – to leave an outsized tip.

So — what do you think?  Are celebrities really just like us – or should they be held to a higher standard?

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2 Responses to “The Celebrity Treatment”

  1. Summer says:

    I have to weigh in with a 20% tip is a nice tip. Unless the “celebrity” in question had unreasonable demands or caused a commotion just by being “him” (i.e. crowds etc.) I truly do not believe he should be required to tip over-the-top. Being a celebrity is a bit like being a business…you have “people” who take quite a bit of what you earn. But the difference is, they are all treated like they are big business, when many…while living nice, don’t get me wrong…are living somewhat job to job. And EVERYONE expects these giant gestures…from the restaurant to the housekeeper, nanny, trainer, hairstylist…and don’t forget brother, sister, cousin, aunt-in-law….

    As long as he didn’t under tip – I say cut some slack. “Expecting” a large tip is a bit obnoxious. Just my opinion.

    Cheers, Summer

  2. Molly says:

    I don’t think a 20% tip is terrible, but I do think that most of the rich and famous like to be fawned over and treated better than the rest of the customers, and therefore, they should tip more, as they get more attention.

    She should thank her lucky stars that the famous person tipping her wasn’t Tiger Woods who’s been known to leave a $10. tip on an $800. tab, or Bill Cosby, who’s notoriously nasty and cheap who once left a $3. tip on a $350. tab, or Madonna who’s already a known deadbeat tipper and leaves almost nothing.

Any Thoughts?