Chicken 5 Ways

by Julia Brady  - July 11, 2013


Turn A Chicken Into A Week of Tasty Meals

Does the idea of shopping for a week’s worth of meal sound more daunting than fun?  Well, Fab & Fru wants to make your life easier with these meal ideas – all you need is a rotisserie chicken and a bit of creativity!

Almost every supermarket has a prepared foods section where you can find a whole, fully cooked rotisserie chicken just waiting for you to take it home and spice it up.  Buy a chicken and be all set for a week of easy dinners or lunches!You’ll save on cook and prep time, and the other ingredients are cheap and easy to incorporate – you probably have most of them in your pantry already!  You can easily turn these dishes into meals for a whole family, just make sure to buy extra chicken!

What you will need:

    • **Cooked whole rotisserie chicken**
    • -1-2 Yellow onions
    • -1 Garlic bulb
    • -Basil (fresh or in a tube, the tube is great for multiple dishes and storage)
    • -Thyme
    • -Rosemary
    • -A bunch (about 6) of carrots
    • -1 Zucchini/squash
    • -Capers
    • -1 lemon (or use bottled lemon juice, a good staple to keep around for many dishes)
    • -1 jar of vinegar soaked capers
    • -Arugula
    • -Pesto (optional)
    • -1 head of lettuce
    • -1 Tomato
    • -1 jar roasted red peppers (or buy 2 red bell peppers and roast your own!)
    • -Feta cheese
    • -Pasta (cavatappi, spaghetti, linguine, penne, or whatever you have at home)
    • -Rice (brown, white, or wild)
    • -Sandwich bread/roll (Foccacia, Italian, whole grain, etc.)
    • -Tomato/Marinara sauce (or any tomato based pasta sauce)
    • -Sea salt (or kosher salt)
    • -Ground black pepper
    • -A stick of butter
    • -Mayonnaise
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