Lord Of The Fruit Flies


Get Rid Of Summer Pests – The Fab & Fru Way

Is there anything worse than bringing home the first juicy, ripe peaches of the season — only to realize they were just a Trojan Horse for a fruit fly colony?

Last week a rogue peach left me with an infestation so bad I was on the verge of calling in professional pest control – which of course would have cost a bundle.  In a last ditch effort, I put a call out to friends and family for their most effective (and cost effective) fruit fly rememdies…

And The Winner Is…

fruitflyI tried many different methods – my kitchen was basically set up like a huge science experiment.  But there was one clear winner – which took almost no prep time, cost almost nothing and was non-toxic!

Our friend Eric told me to put some apple cider vinegar in a bowl, with a couple tiny drops of dish soap in it. That’s it. The flies are attracted to the cider vinegar, and the soap breaks the surface of the liquid so the flies get trapped in it.

This method started working almost immediately, and took about three days to wipe the entire population out – but keep in mind we had quite a convention of them.  Total cost was less than a dollar, and I can use the leftover cider vinegar for cooking.  How Fab & Fru is that?!

Thank you Eric for the incredibly helpful idea – we want to know: what other Fab & Fru methods have worked for you to get rid of fruit flies and other summer pests? 


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One Response to “Lord Of The Fruit Flies”

  1. carol says:

    Excellent!! I use a mixture of witch hazel and eucalyptus oil as a natural mosquito repellant. Mix 2 parts witch hazel to 1 part eucalyptus oil, spray or dab on skin. It works great although you may need to re-apply every hour or so.

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