Facebook Faux Pas?


Money And Social Media

We were out to drinks the other night, and a few of our friends got embroiled in a heated discussion about Facebook postings.  The conversation focused around another friends of ours, “Jane” – who was obviously NOT there that night!

Jane is very well off – to put it mildly!  And most of her friends really admire her success – she worked her way up the corporate ladder and is at the top of her game.

The issue?  Jane often posts on Facebook about her glamorous lifestyle – whether she’s on a private jet, out at Manhattan’s priciest hotspots, or attending a chic Broadway opening, she lets her Facebook friends know all about it…

To Post Or Not To Post?

champagne-cristalSome of our friends think it is in incredibly poor taste of Jane to be posting all these “Lifestyles of the Rich and  Famous” pictures when many of them could never afford any of these luxuries…

Others in our group think she has every right to post her pics – after all, she’s just doing what everyone else on Facebook does by documenting their lives.  Should she really be penalized because she has a luxurious lifestyle?  And if others are jealous, isn’t that really their problem?

Bragging or Just Being Honest?

There has been much discussion lately about Facebook in particular turning into a sort of bragging free-for-all, and yes – a lot of the boasting (real and perceived) has to do with money.

In the past few days alone we’ve heard friends complaining about everything from photos of gifts of diamond jewelry being posted, to never ending albums of luxury summer vacations, to pics of a family on their brand new yacht…

Like or Unlike?

When it comes to social media, should you consider your Facebook friends’ and Twitter followers’ financial conditions before broadcasting your own?  Or is it really their problem if they don’t like it?  What do you think?  We want to hear from you!




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