Good Food On A Tight Budget


EWG’s Guide To Eating Well For Less

You’ve got to check out Environmental Working Group’s guide: “Good Food on A Tight Budget”!  As EWG says, “Stretching your dollars to get a month’s worth of healthy, filling food is a challenge.” But this very Fab & Fru guide makes it much easier to do…

We have always been huge fans of the Environmental Working Group (EWG).  They are a fantastic resource to help you to avoid toxins and chemicals in foods and products – we certainly don’t want to spend hard earned money on items that might actually make us sick!

More Nutrients, Less Pesticides

We all know it’s easy to find deals on processed crap that’s bad for you.   But the unfortunate truth is it’s difficult to plan affordable family meals that are nutritious and non-toxic.

That’s why EWG investigated over 1,200 foods to find 100 that “pack in nutrients at a good price, with the fewest pesticides, contaminants and artificial ingredients.” If organics aren’t in your budget, this list helps you navigate  the alternatives. How Fab & Fru is that?!

Fab & Fru Features

Among the user-friendly features in this guide: quick lists of tops picks in all the different food categories, best buys, price tracking tools, budget friendly recipes, and tons of tips on how to stretch a buck for your food budget. And the whole guide is printable so you can keep it handy for grocery shopping days.

For instance – you may be surprised to know that while domestic nectarines are one of their “best buys” they caution against peaches – which may have more pesticides than other fruit!

Cheap Food May Be Costing You

The bottom line is that for food to be both Fab & Fru it has to be not only affordable – but actually good for you, too.  We’re seeing now the ramifications of Americans eating largely cheap, processed diets – and it’s costing us our health – not to mention serious money spent on medical bills.

Most American supermarkets focus only on so-called “deals” and not what is actually in the food.  But if you shop armed with this guide you can walk out with the best nutrients for the best price.  Thank you EWG for proving it is possible to be good to your wallet and your body!





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