Julia Child’s Upside Down Martini


Fab, Fru & Refreshing

Today, of course, would have been Julia Child’s 101st birthday.  And though she’s best known for her food, she also had quite a few Fab & Fru cocktail recipes up her sleeve!

You may remember a while back we featured her Angosoda, and today we’d like to remind you of her other favorite cocktail – the “Upside Down” (or Reverse) Martini.

Cheers To Julia

This cocktail is so Fab & Fru we don’t even know where to begin.  You’re basically reversing the proportions of a traditional martini, so in this one the majority of the drink is French Vermouth, with Gin taking a back seat.

Not only is good vermouth obviously far cheaper than good gin, but the lower alcohol content makes it a perfect apertif for a hot summer night. Another fab fact?  While vermouth is usually just an additive to cocktails here in America, in Europe it often takes center stage as the main event!

noillypratUse What You’ve Got

Chances are we all have Gin and a bottle of Noilly Prat sitting around begging to be used.  So, without spending a dime you can raid your liquor cabinet and present your guests with an entirely unusual and elegant cocktail!

Truth be told, I am sipping one right now – and it’s got a refreshing, unique, aromatic quality with just a hint of a gin underpinning it all. Perfection.


Proportions vary but most recipes call for about 3 to 1 proportions of Vermouth to Gin.  Some formulations we saw go as high as 5 to 1 so you just have to adjust to taste. 

Shake the Vermouth and Gin together with ice and strain into a chilled glass. Or if you prefer you can drink it on the rocks. Add a little lemon garnish and you are good to go!

Cheers to the great Julia Child!




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  1. Jennifer says:

    Possibly the greatest Fab & Fru pass along ever! Bottoms up.

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