Resale Regrets?


Our friend Tina recently gave a lot of fab hand-me-downs to her cousin, Abby.  Seems like it should be a pretty drama-free transaction, right?  Except for what happened next…

Abby loved most of the clothes Tina gave her, but a few pieces just didn’t fit.  So she took them to a very upscale resale store in their neighborhood and sold them on consignment.  The clothes were so chic that the store owner hung one of the dresses in the window – which of course Tina happened to see as she was walking home from work…

Tina went in and the boutique owner told her the dress was a new find – and that the person who brought it in also brought in some other great pieces, which Tina quickly recognized as her own. Irate, she called Abby and told her she couldn’t believe she was re-selling the hand me downs!

Abby couldn’t believe that Tina was so upset – after all she could have sold them herself if she wanted to.  She figured once the items were given to her, they were hers to do with what she pleased.  Some of our friends are totally on Team Tina, while others absolutely see Abby’s point of view.

So…what do you think?  Was this a totally frugal faux pas – or is Tina overreacting?


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2 Responses to “Resale Regrets?”

  1. Nelly says:

    I’m on team Tina. Abby should have told Tina that there were a couple of items that she didn’t want and then asked Abby what to do with them and suggest that Abby could even sell them at a consignment shop. If Tina had said “I don’t want to be bothered, do whatever you want with them” and then Abby sold them, that would be different.

    I recently got an expensive worn once pair of shoes from a friend. I brought them home and they’re not a good fit for me. I know they could be sold at a consignment shop, but I would never dream of doing such a rude thing. Yes, they’re mine, but my friend gave them to me because she thought I’d like them (I do) and they’d fit me (they don’t).
    I’m going to tell her and ask if she wants them back. If she says she doesn’t want them back I’ll either pass them on to another friend, or sell them in a consignment shop and take the money and use it for dinner for the both of us.

    What Abby did was wrong and she can count on never getting anything from Tina again.

  2. MIsty says:

    I’m with Abby. What one does with what one receives is that person’s business. Tina could have sold the whole lot instead of sharing it with her cousin. Would Tina have reacted that way if Abby had passed them onto another without selling them? Probably not. Tina’s miffed because Abby’s making money off of the clothes.

Any Thoughts?