That’s The Brakes…


Childhood besties, Krista and Jen are fortunate to live just two blocks from each other in Brooklyn. Not only are they still close – they’re like family.  Krista happily dog sits for Jen’s 18 year old Chihuahua whenever she goes out of town or needs an extra walk during the day, and Jen lends Krista her car anytime she wants a weekend away with her boyfriend.  Conflict free – the two share everything.  That is until Krista got a call from Jen…

A few weeks after Krista and her bo had taken a road trip to Virginia, Jen announced that the brakes in the car were shot, and it was going to cost her $800 to fix them!  Jen and her fiance had just come back the day before from a weekend trip to The Cape, and not once did Jen even hint to Krista that she should help pitch in for the repair.  But Krista still felt a twinge of guilt for not offering.

Even though Krista takes excellent care of the car, and fills up the tank before returning it every time, she couldn’t help but wonder if Jen expected her to chip in?  Should Krista offer to help out, or she should just let it go?  What would you do?

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3 Responses to “That’s The Brakes…”

  1. Sue says:

    I think that if she uses the car relatively often, that she should at least offer to pay a portion of it. I feel that 50% is too much. And I would start like a slush fund for the car. Check the miles that you put on it and pay the slush fund. Maybe the next time you borrow it if you know who has do the oil changes or whatever you make a point of doing it or at least hand her the money to get it done. Just paying for gas is not enough.

  2. Nelly says:

    I was on the fence on this one. I think you came up with a good solution Sue. Krista should put a little money towards the car in a slush find or something. Definitely more than just pay gas.

    They are best friends, and that Krista takes care of an 18 year old dog is a g-d send for any dog owner and not only saves Jen about $100. bucks a day, but also gives her incredible peace of mind. As a pet owner, I know you can’t pay for that piece of mind.

  3. Sue says:

    You are absolutely right there Nelly. It is really great to have someone you can trust with your babies. My 2 are spoiled but are truly good and were abused by former owners plus my little girl dog is handicapped because of that abuse. Kenneling them is not an option.Sam’s issues are emotional. It would devastate him for me to kennel him.

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