Our Favorite Fab & Fru Life Hacks

by Julia Brady – August 12, 2013


Organize, Simplify & Save!

Don’t know what a life hack is?  It’s just a cheap and easy tip to make your life a whole lot easier – and we’ve picked our fave Fab & Fru life hacks to help you get organized today!

Need an Ice Pack?

Soak a sponge through with water, place in a zip lock bag, and store in the freezer.  When you need it, it will make an excellent ice pack that won’t drip all over when it melts.

Keep Wrapping Paper Rolls from Unraveling

Cut empty toilet paper rolls lengthwise and wrap them around wrapping paper rolls to keep them from unraveling.

Need to Clean Your Shower Head?

To remove residue from a shower head, tie a bag of vinegar around it and let it soak overnight.  It will be as good as new in the morning.

Create a System to Organize Your Cleaning Supplies

Use a hanging shoe rack to store cleaning supplies without wasting any space!

Can’t Find Your Remote?

Attach a small piece of Velcro to stick your remote to a side table or shelf, and never loose your remote again!

Create a Reusable Spaghetti Container

Use an empty Pringles container as an airtight place to store spaghetti!

Have Trouble Separating Egg Whites from the Yolk?

Use an empty water bottle.  Crack an egg onto a plate and squeeze air out of the bottle.  Put the bottle top over the yolk and release—the suction will pick up the yolk!

Organize Your Make Up Forever

To organize and see all of your makeup at once, buy inexpensive self-adhesive magnets and stick them to makeup containers and tubes.  Attach them to a small magnet board and never have to go searching through piles again!

Create More Closet Space with Soda Tabs

Loop soda tabs onto hangers and hook another hanger onto it -  you’ll instantly double your closet space!

What are your favorite life hacks?  Let us know!

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