Fab & Fru is on You Tube!


Fab & Fru has just started up our own You Tube Channel – we can’t wait for you to check out our videos!

For our first video, we take one of our most controversial “Cheap vs Frugal” dilemmas to the streets. The topic: Is it ok to ask for “Cash Only” for your wedding? And let’s just say you might find some people’s opinions shocking – we sure did!

Our second video is a “How To” of a DIY centerpiece – using Fab & Fru fruit instead of flowers! It’s sure to save you tons on of money on all your upcoming holidays and celebrations.

Please check them out – we want your feedback.  Leave a comment and let us know what you think!





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3 Responses to “Fab & Fru is on You Tube!”

  1. Franny Baldwin says:

    Loved both videos! Congrats on starting your own You Tube Channel! I can’t wait to see more…..

  2. Lucy says:

    Great job! You ladies are very photogenic. Bran…She’s so proud of you!!!!!

  3. Jackie Hession says:

    fun…interesting…snappy….want to see more!

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