It’s A Dog Eat Dog World?


Kathleen and Hope are good friends and neighbors, and they’d like to think that their two dogs are too.  Kathleen’s four year old Jack Russell Terrier, Mindy, has a love/hate relationship with Manny – Hope’s 8 month old, 100 lb Lab mix.  The unlikely pair enjoy chasing each other through their backyards, but as big puppies do, Manny often takes it too far.  The Alpha dog of two, Manny’s backyard roughhousing has left Mindy with the occasional scratch and a daily dose of afternoon terror.

Acutely aware that Manny may hurt poor Mindy, Hope is constantly trying to calm him down, but surprisingly, it’s Kathleen who doesn’t mind that her little dog is getting the brunt of Manny’s 100 lbs of clumsy puppy love.  That is until…

Last week Manny was taunting poor Mindy to try and get her to play, but Mindy just wanted to lay under the tree in the shade. Not getting the hint, Manny tried to get a chase going, and Mindy just lost it.  She lunged through the air, landed on Manny’s head, and took a terrier size chunk right out of Manny’s left ear!

Hope certainly couldn’t fault Mindy for going postal on her pup, but $500 in vet bills later, she was hoping that Kathleen would chip in for the bill. But Kathleen was totally offended when Hope brought up the idea, saying that it was Manny’s fault he got hurt, and that she has never asked Hope to compensate her for any of the wounds Manny has inflicted on Mindy. It’s just the nature of the beast… And next time it will likely be Mindy in the emergency room…

Is Kathleen right?  Should Hope never have expected that Kathleen contribute to the bill?  Or is Kathleen totally off base? What would you do?

Tell us what you think!

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One Response to “It’s A Dog Eat Dog World?”

  1. Sue says:

    Unfortunate for all parties involved. The part that bothers me the most is that Mindys owner seemed unconcerned about her being hurt by a much larger dog which could easily have happened. The 2 owners are friends as well as neighbors and I am not so sure that the friendship is going to survive this. As Mindys owner stated she has not asked for money for the scratches etc. That Mindy has had and we do not know what all was involved in treating her. Nor do we have details of Manny’s treatment. A hunk being taken out of another dog is different than scratches. Was surgery of some sort involved? I think that Mindy needs to look at what was needed to treat Manny. So yes I think she should contribute in all probability. Not necessarily half. The 2 humans need to look at the vet bills and make a decision. And I think they need to keep the 2 dogs away from each other unless both of the humans are going to keep their own dog under control. Sad to say but next time it could be an eye that could get damaged.

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