The Present Precedent


Last Christmas, Christina’s sister, brother, two of their cousins and all ten of their children got together for the holidays.  And everyone showed up with gifts for each couple and each of their kids!

While many of the presents were homemade and inexpensive, Christina still felt it was overkill and totally unnecessary. However, other family members loved the abundance of giving and thought it was a nice tradition to introduce to the kids.  For them, it wasn’t about money or quantity, but rather the thought and spirit behind it.  Christina totally disagrees, and she feels there should be no gifts exchanged for the adults, and the kids should do a Secret Santa or Grab Bag.

Now, with the holidays fast approaching, Christina’s family is trying to figure out (mainly via some fairly passive/aggressive emails) what the gift giving consensus is for this year.  And let’s just say the discussion is not putting any of them in the Christmas spirit!

So – what do you think is the best way to handle family gifting when expectations differ – especially when it comes to large families?  What advice would you give to Christina?  Tell us what you think!

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One Response to “The Present Precedent”

  1. Sue says:

    Having come from a family with 8 of us kids, add nieces, nephews, husbands and wives, it made for pretty large holidays. Before and at the beginning of young families, we chose names and exchanged gifts. Then the nieces and nephews came along and we decided to just buy for the kids and as they became teenagers they were eliminated from the kid lists. Christmas is really for the kids. Does not have to be extensive but fun is always good.

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