A Present For The Whole Family


Budget Friendly Gifts Everyone will Love

Your husband has two married sisters – each with two kids.  And then there’s your two brothers – each with a family of five, and your sister with a toddler and a baby on the way. That’s a whole lot of people to buy gifts for this holiday season – especially if you’re on a budget.  While some large families pick one name out of the hat to buy for, others insist on getting something for everyone.  This is why we love the idea of the WHOLE FAMILY GIFT!

Whether you have many families to buy for or just one, the Whole Family Gift is a fabulous way to give something for all to enjoy while encouraging everyone to spend time together.

A Family Membership

We love the idea of giving a family an activity to do – together!  And while this gift may take a little research, depending on where your relatives live, a family pass to the Natural History Museum, Children’s Museum, Art Museum, Botanical Gardens, or the Zoo, is a fantastic present that will provide loads of fun for everyone all year long. Prices vary greatly between organizations and cities, so do your homework, but most annual family passes are under $100.

If that’s more than you planned to spend, consider buying passes for everyone to a special kid friendly event or exhibit that their favorite museum is hosting.

A Movie Night Basket

Create a Fab & Fru night for everyone by making a custom made Movie Night Basket. All you need is a few classic DVD’s everyone will love (get creative here – a Christmas theme, 80′s films, the classics, or a handpicked movie for each family member) AND movie theater style popcorn!  We love the Whirley Pop Theater Gift Set, or the festive Bella Hot Air Popcorn Maker.

Presentation is everything – so fill a basket with all the goodies and wrap it with some serious holiday spirit, and you’ll have a tremendous gift that everyone will love for $50-60!

Bring Back Family Game Night

In the same spirit of the Movie Night Basket, create your own Family Game Basket!  From board games to cards to puzzles, decide your budget, and create your presentation. To get your wheels turning, below are a few of our favorite family friendly games!

A Night Out with the Kids

Send your family out for a night on the town with movie passes to AMC or a gift certificate to Baskin Robbins (gift cards to local theaters & ice cream shops are extra fabulous). Better yet, offer to spend some QT with your nieces and nephews by setting up a date to take them to the movies or out for ice cream – all while giving their parents some much needed alone time!

Tell us your favorite Whole Family Gift Ideas. Happy Holidays!

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3 Responses to “A Present For The Whole Family”

  1. Jennifer says:

    These are all great ideas. We also enjoy Family Subscriptions to National geographic or Stone Soup or old school Highlights magazine. Happy Holidays!

  2. Tasha says:

    I was hoping with a newborn, We’d have a get out if jail free card for the holidays, but I think the game night might go over better. And loads of fun.

    Thank you!

  3. louie says:

    handmade personal service gift certificates, like one free baby sitting nite, etc. is always a hit. It’s also a good idea for the kids to give to their parents, like “Good for One Free Do the Dishes” night for Mom.

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