End Of Year Luxury Bonus?


Like many of us, Kelly has a list of service providers who she depends on and makes a point of giving a generous bonus to at the end of the year – the super of her apartment building, the mailman, her nanny, etc. However, last week when she picked up her friend Elda at the salon before their holiday lunch, she was blown away when Elda told her she always gives her stylist a 50% end of year bonus.

At first, Elda was shocked that Kelly doesn’t feel the need to give her stylist, her trainer at the gym, or anyone in the luxury personal service industry a bonus at the end of the year.  But Kelly was adamant in her feeling.  “It’s simply too expensive to tip everyone”, she said. To her, the unspoken expectation to provide an additional bonus to someone you tip generously throughout the year, or you pay big money to (like a personal trainer) on a regular basis makes no sense at all. In fact, Kelly argued that she feels, as a client who helps to keep said practitioners in business, that they should be thanking her in some small way – in the same vein of how her company thanks their best clients each year.

By the time she was done, Elda had no good rebuttal…

So, tell us what you think.  Does Kelly have a good point? Or is she missing the boat and the spirit of the holidays?

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2 Responses to “End Of Year Luxury Bonus?”

  1. Molly says:

    I’m so curious to see how others weigh in on this. I’ve always thought it was odd that business’ buy gifts for their best clients, but yet clients buy gifts (or give tips) to the people they pay all year long.

    I buy an expensive gift for my hairstylist because she doesn’t charge me through the year.

    When I had a personal trainer, I tipped her at Xmas, but always thought it was odd. I was just going with the flow.

    Funny, but I’ve been both a client, as well as a provider and I’ve never been in the position where I ever got a tip, darn it! No matter what the situation, I’m always the one handing them out.

  2. louie says:

    TIPS-are to insure proper service. It’s normal practice for business providers to extend their thanks to their valued customers during the Xmas season. A small token of appreciation from them to you, even if it’s simply a card, is proper etiquette. The case of you tipping a service provider extra during the holidays is so that you are insured that “extra mile” during the year. Yes there a few cases where this would go a long way, but very few. Someone whom you tip regularly during the year for their services to you certainly does not warrant extra at holiday time.

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