New Year, New Hallway!

by Stephanie Berenbaum – updated December 20, 2013

*Inspired by “Wall Drawing 614″ (1989) by Sol LeWitt 

Money Saving Design Inspiration

Want to jazz up your home for holiday guests? Or for a fresh start to the new year?  We’ve got just what the design doctor ordered!  It’s the perfect time of year to revisit Caroline & Ian’s Fab & Fru hallway redo…

Design on a Dime

Caroline and Ian’s love of pop art and modern design has been the main inspiration in decorating their New York apartment.   However, 3 years after moving in, they still hadn’t decorated their stark, white entrance way.  But a book of Sol LeWitt wall drawings (“100 views”) was just the inspiration they needed to get their design juices flowing …

They invited two of their very good – and artistically inclined – friends over for an evening of Dinner and Design.  By the end of the evening, a mural was born – no paint, no fuss!

 Total Cost for the Mural: $75

  1. One laser level – $15 (essential and worth every penny)
  2. Three rolls of black painters tape – $15
  3. Thai take out for four – approximately $40
  4. Awesome neighbors – priceless.

Ian & Caroline didn’t stop there.   With two kids, constant company, and the threat of winter boots muddying up the hall, they needed some sort of runner for the entry.  But they did not want to splurge on a pricey, custom runner that would likely get destroyed in one season…

Luckily, when Caroline popped into her neighborhood hardware store, she got inspired by – of all things – Astro Turf! They turned this common outdoor covering into a totally unique – and practical – indoor design element. What a Fab & Fru way to add some color, style and function to their new hallway!

Total Cost for the Astro Turf Runner: $125

  1. 20ft of AstroTurf – $5.49/ft.  I erred on the side of caution
  2. 1 yardstick for the toolbox
  3. 1 Exacto Knife (to trim to fit)

– Added bonus: They also used the 2ft of remnants as their new doormat!

Check It Off The List!

So many New Year’s resolutions seem daunting because they feel like they will take FOREVER to fulfill.  That’s the part of the beauty of this Fab & Fru hallway redo – you can literally check one resolution off your list after an evening of fun with friends!

We love the idea of starting off 2014 with attainable goals like this one.  Happy new year and many thanks to Caroline and Ian for their Fab & Fru inspiration!


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