A Table Setting Short?


Melanie’s wedding is fast approaching, and her five best friends from growing up have all decided to pool their money together to buy twelve place settings (there’s 4 in a set) of her favorite pottery and dinnerware – MUD.  A potter herself, Melanie has been coveting the Australian porcelain for years, and friends can’t wait to give her the gift.

With tax and shipping, the dishes came out to about $115 per person.  Lesile offered to place the order, collect funds, and facilitate the whole thing.  Everyone signed off, and Lesile put the order on her card that night.  But the next day, Jane called and said she was going to have to back out because she decided it was a little more than she wanted to spend…

Lesile is livid, and while everyone is annoyed, some understand Jane’s dilemma more than others.  The problem is, with Jane out of the deal, it’s $30 more each for the remaining four.  This is okay for some of the group, but it is putting others over their budget, and they don’t feel it’s fair. They feel Jane should find a way to make it work - it’s the perfect gift after all.

Should Jane step up and stick to her word – even though she can’t afford it?  Or should the group be more understanding and either cancel the order and get something else, or split the difference?

What would you do? Tell us what you think!


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3 Responses to “A Table Setting Short?”

  1. Sue says:

    I guess if it were me that was arranging all of this, I would be asking Jane what she felt comfortable with before I would get bent out of shape as that is rather expensive and go from there. While it is nice to have a table setting for 12 the norm would be a setting for 8. I am sure that if these people are all such good friends this present is probably not the only expense that they are going to have for this wedding. Also we do not know if Jane is single and the rest are married where that present is technically from 9 people versus 5. Everyone’s situation is a little different so I think that the need to think a little more about it.

  2. MIsty says:

    If it were me, I would wait a day or two to make sure everyone is on board before I’d use my credit card to place the order. I’d also want to discuss what each of us were comfortable spending- Sue’s right, that isn’t the only expense they would have for the wedding. It would help to have discussed it a bit further.

  3. Molly says:

    If the order can be cancelled I think Leslie should cancel the order and then do a reorder with one less place setting, omitting Jane’s part.

    This was really rude of Jane to say “ok” and then back out. She should have said she needed to think about it before committing to it.

Any Thoughts?