Baking Soda Beauty Secrets

baking soda

Getting Pretty – Straight From Your Pantry

I always use baking soda for household cleaning, but recently started using it for personal care!  I came across some totally Fab & Fru “personal hygiene” suggestions on the Arm & Hammer website, and decided to try them out one by one.  The ones I have tried so far definitely get our Fab & Fru Seal Of Approval for being effective, inexpensive and eco-friendly!

Facial Scrub

I was sick of spending a ton of money on “natural” facial scrubs.  The main ingredient always seemed to be water, anyway!  So I tried the recommended formula of 3 parts baking soda to 1 part water and it worked like a charm.  My skin looked clean and refreshed – and best of all it only cost a few cents.  Will definitely do this again.  As with any scrub, make sure you use gentle, circular motions so as not to irritate your skin.

Brush Cleaner

hair brushI admit it – in the several years since I bought my most recent hairbrush – I had properly cleaned it approximately zero times.  So I gathered up my hairbrushes and combs and soaked them in a solution of 1 teaspoon baking soda in a sink of warm water.  After rinsing and letting them dry, they felt good as new!

Next up, I took my kids’ cruddy toothbrushes, and soaked them in containers with a small spoonful of baking soda mixed with warm water. (Remember to use different containers for different people’s toothbrushes!) Then just rinse them well with warm water and let them dry – and say bye-bye to gross build-up!

I was particularly happy about extending the life of the toothbrushes because I always feel terrible throwing away yet another plastic toothbrush.  I hear baking soda and water is also an excellent toothpaste substitute – I haven’t tried that yet, but it certainly did the trick as a toothbrush refresher!

Shampoo Booster

There are special shampoos that you are supposed to buy to “rid your hair of shampoo residue” but this always seemed like a waste of money to me.  So I tried adding a little bit (quarter size)  of baking soda to my regular shampoo and it really helped remove product buildup from my hair.  Again – it only cost a few pennies and eliminated the need for me to buy a new product.  Plus, of course, it is a natural alternative to the chemicals that are in so many hair products these days.

These are just the tips I’ve tried so far – can’t wait to try the rest.  We want to know – what are your top baking soda beauty secrets?

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