Hello Sugar!

By Brandi Savitt – January 6, 2014


Read Labels & Lose Weight

Want to finally knock off those extra pounds this year – stop dieting and start reading your food labels! Americans are spending money on getting fat (and a multitude of other health problems – like diabetes) by eating too much sugar – and it’s everywhere.  It’s not just about avoiding the obvious treats like cake, cookies, ice cream and soda – there is hidden sugar in unsuspecting healthy, high-end products including: whole grain breads, low fat salad dressing, condiments and pasta sauces – it’s shocking.  Even if you buy organic almond milk – unless it specifically says ‘unsweetened’ or ‘no sugar added’, read the ingredients and you’ll see the sugar.  Buyer beware!

How Much Hidden Sugar Do You Eat?

Because so much of the food and drinks we consume are already prepared, we blindly eat our way to gaining extra pounds (especially belly fat) – even when we think we’re eating healthy.  According to Anne Alexander, the Editorial Director of Prevention Magazine, and author of The Sugar Smart Diet, most American adults consume two-thirds of a cup of added sugar a day (sugar that does not occur naturally, like in fruit)That adds up to over 130 pounds of sugar a year!

Anne writes that the number one thing you can do for your health and your waistline is to remove as much of the hidden sugar from your diet as possible.  Eating veggies, fruits and whole foods is key to good health – so is preparing your own meals as often as possible.  But training yourself to read the ingredients BEFORE you buy prepared or packaged foods is also essential.  –This goes for eating out too!

Choose to Indulge

We’re not saying to never indulge in sweets again.  But wouldn’t you rather enjoy your favorite red velvet cupcake than unknowingly eat almost the same amount of sugar in the seemingly healthy cranberry chicken salad sandwich from the market down the street (note: most dried cranberries have loads of added sugar)?! Awareness is the key here, and you’ll be surprised how much easier it is to lose weight when you know what you’re putting into your body, and when to make a different choice.

Get Sugar Savvy!

There are over 50 different names for sugar on ingredients labels- high fructose corn syrup being the most common and the most evil - some are worse than others. On the bright side, there are also several all natural sweetener alternatives that have a lower glycemic index  like stevia, and for baking – palm sugar or agave.  But remember, in the end, too many sweets of any kind are not good for you and can have the same effect.

For more information on what to avoid, what eat, and the health havoc too much sugar can play on your body, check out these resources:

Here’s to a Fab, Fru & trimmer New Year!


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One Response to “Hello Sugar!”

  1. Nancy Johnson says:

    As a new Type II diabetic, I have to really monitor my white sugar and white flour intake. Now I have to read labels more carefully and I am STUNNED to see how much sugar is in my LOW FAT DIET FOODS that I blindly started to eat to lose weight!

    I was hungry ALL of the time and my blood test numbers were too high! Some weight loss programs advocate eating all day long so “you never get hungry” and I wanted to stop that “sick mindset” cycle. I was able to do that by changing my “idea” of “diet”.

    Now I do my best to eat non-processed foods which eliminates LOTS OF WHITE SUGAR and white flour in my daily diet. My full fat items (zero to no sugar)keep me full longer and I eat less on less food. The weight is falling off without struggling.

    This type of eating doesn’t come without its own struggles. There are times I stand in the grocery store and cry because I cannot find any items without white sugar or white flour; I feel sorry for myself because I can’t find anything to eat! Even fruit and veggies can have too much sugar and carbs in it… but I do feel and look better by eliminating the processed foods that I had “normalized” into my life. Little by little, I am throwing out a bad and adding a good!

    Sure, I do eat sugar every week but so much less and I know that I am eating it; it’s no longer hidden and gives me the power to control myself.

    FYI – my sugar levels have come down so much that I am almost ready to come off of my diabetes medication. :)

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