No Favor Goes Unpunished?


Last week when a delivery man rang Samantha’s door, she didn’t think twice about accepting a package for her neighbor Bonnie.  As soon as she signed for it, Sam texted Bonnie to tell her she was holding it for her.  Bonnie thanked her and said she’d be over by 3pm to pick it up.  The problem came when 3pm rolled around and Bonnie never showed up.  Sam was catching a flight that evening, and in the last minute chaos of getting ready, she forgot completely about the package – and more importantly – forgot to tell Bonnie that she would be out of town for the week…

When Bonnie called Sam later that night to apologize for not getting home sooner, Sam told Bonnie she was in Florida.  Bonnie freaked.  She had paid a hefty price to overnight a gift for her son’s birthday the next day!

Sam apologized profusely. She had no idea that the package was such an urgent matter.  And then, out of the blue, Bonnie asked Sam if she would mind calling a locksmith to come and change the front door lock so Bonnie could get inside.  Completely shocked, Sam said no, and that she was uncomfortable not having a key to her own house. Bonnie became a bit more upset at this point babbling about money and having to go out and scour the town for this particular toy at the 11th hour.

Feeling guilty, Sam offered to pay the shipping costs for the package so Bonnie could return it when Sam got home.  Boonie agreed to her offer.

Should Bonnie accept Sam’s offer to pay for the return?  Should Sam have done more to get Bonnie her package- like get her locks changed? Or is Bonnie being completely unreasonable?

When someone does a favor and makes a mistake – who should pay? Tell us what you think!


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3 Responses to “No Favor Goes Unpunished?”

  1. MIsty says:

    It’s too bad that Sam didn’t have her neighbor Bonnie pick up her mail, etc. when she went out of town. At least, that way, Bonnie would have had a key to her house and she could have retrieved her package.

    Who is at fault? Bonnie is for waiting until the last minute to go shopping but I noticed that most people wait until the last minute with any shopping they need to do.

    Sam was nice enough to offer to pay for the shipping costs for Bonnie to return the gift. Bonnie had no business asking Sam to change her locks.

  2. Molly says:

    I disagree with Misty that Bonnie is at fault. She paid extra to have an item overnighted so she’d have it for her son’s birthday. It’s none of Samantha’s business how Bonnie shops.
    And the boxes are always labeled “Overnight Delivery”.

    Samantha did two inappropriate things:
    1. Accepting a package when she was leaving town in a couple of hours – a package that the neighbor didn’t ask her to accept.
    2. When Bonnie told her she’d be by to pick up the package Samantha neglected to tell her she was leaving town for a week within a couple of hours. Really? Someone “forgets” they’re leaving for the airport when they’re told that someone is stopping by to pick up an important package???

    That said, I can understand Samantha not wanting to change her locks. But no one has a key to her house? She doesn’t have one friend in town with a key who can let Bonnie in to pick up a package? I think that Samantha has issues – she doesn’t trust anyone, she sticks her nose in others people business and she’s passive aggressive.

    Yes, Samantha should pay to have the item shipped back for the store. It’s the least she can do after Bonnie then had to drop whatever she was doing to run around town to find this gift for her son.

    The fact that Samantha doesn’t have one friend in town that she trusts with a key, that she takes packages for people, unrequested, when she’s leaving town hours later and then forgets to mention it when the person tells her they’re coming by to pick it up, tells me that Samantha isn’t wrapped right.

  3. Louie says:

    Sounds like the perfect storm. Stuff Happens. Why blame anyone for this series of blunders and under performance by both parties? All of a sudden someone is a bad perrson for not giving out their key? What happened to the 3 PM pick up promise?
    Chalk this one up to two knuckleheads that meant well. Now go out and buy your kid a present or give him a rain check.

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