The Price Of Long Distance Love


Is It Worth the Money?

Eight months ago, Christina flew to Brussels for an international women’s healthcare conference.  A public heath activist who manages an at-risk women’s clinic in New York City, Christina certainly wasn’t there looking for love – but cupid had other plans for her…

As she sat at the hotel bar – alone – eating a late dinner and trying to power through her jet-lag, a well dressed European man slipped onto the stool next to her. She barely noticed him at first, that is until his sexy British accent distracted her enough from her Nicoise salad to look up.  A research MD from London, Geoffrey was also in town to attend the conference.  The two started talking shop…

We all know how these things go – a playful look, some witty banter, and soon Christina and Geoffrey were several hours deep into conversation.  Both single and both interested, they didn’t want the night to end – so it didn’t…

Eight Months Later….

Now, months later, Christina and Geoffrey have been racking up the frequent flyer miles as they fly across the pond.  And the couple is trying to figure out not only the emotional and logistical challenges of a long distance relationship, but the financial ones as well.

Both Christina and Geoffrey are dedicated to their careers and contractually committed to their jobs for the next couple of years.  Geoffrey also has a young son who lives in London..  Of course Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, and Viber all allow Geoffrey and Christina to talk and text for free as much as they can. But the international plane tickets – and no option to downsize to one residence anytime soon – have Christina questioning her relationship from a financial point of view.

Money or Love?

Working for a non-profit, Christina doesn’t exactly make a jet setter’s salary.  And while Geoffrey makes a bit more, with child support and other expenses, he’s not rolling in the dough either…

There’s no doubt about it, the couple is in love.  And challenges aside, their relationship thus far has been fun, exciting and the most fulfilling relationship Christina has ever had.  But because of the extra financial travel commitment, Christina is questioning the relationship’s sustainability until they can even consider living in the same city.  While Christina wholeheartedly wants to make it work, she knows the odds are stacked against them.

Is love worth Christina investing what she saves each month in plane tickets to London – rather than building her nest egg?  Or should she be more practical and cut things off before she goes broke and misses out on a potential Mr. Right who lives a little closer to home?

Is long distance love worth risking your financial future?  What would you do?  Tell us what you think!




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2 Responses to “The Price Of Long Distance Love”

  1. Jackie says:

    Sounds like two level headed people with responsible positions need to get their priorities straightened out. If a woman (or a man) chooses her job over a life with her love , she just doesn’t love him enough. When love is strong enough, I think the decision is no contest.

  2. louie says:

    Hasn’t anyone seen the movie “Vacation”? Love is what makes the world worth while. Follow the heart not the wallet.

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