White Wedding


Our friend Tammy was recently invited to her friend Jane’s wedding.  The bride loves to throw extravagant parties, so it’s no surprise her own wedding is going to be over the top!

When Tammy opened the invitation, she found very specific dress code instructions – the couple requested that ALL the guests wear white!  Apparently she’s going with a white theme in a big way – white doves, flowers, cake, you name it.  And, while of course people don’t usually wear white to weddings, Jane wanted to buck the trend in a big way…

Tammy’s immediate reaction was not only does she hate how she looks in white – but she doesn’t own a white outfit and will have to go out to purchase a new one!  She thinks it’s really inconsiderate of the couple to make such a specific request of their guests, signficantly adding to the already high costs of attending a wedding.

Tammy canvassed a bunch of friends, and everyone is annoyed by Jane’s request – though no one wants to say anything to the bride.  No one except Tammy, that is!

She wants to email Jane and gently let her know that her request is really putting some people out financially (never mind that white is a hard color to wear)!  Her husband thinks Tammy should keep her mouth shut, but spend much less on the gift than they would if they weren’t spending money on new outfits.

So, what do you think Tammy should do?  Is it ever ok to critique a bride’s dream day?  Do you think her husband has the right idea?  Or should she just let it go altogether and suck it up? Tell us what you would do!

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4 Responses to “White Wedding”

  1. MIsty says:

    Well, I’ve never heard of a bride requesting the guests to wear white but of doing other things. Tammy and her husband should buy a small gift considering they have to get new clothes. If Tammy’s husband is okay with it, he could rent a white suit or tux (didn’t say whether it was day or night wedding). If Tammy couldn’t borrow anything white to wear, she could buy an inexpensive dress through several department stores. Also, there are several shades of white- off-white, egg, cream, etc. I’m sure she could find something that looked good on her without spending a lot of money. She could also resell it later. I would most likely complain to my husband but not to the bride. If the wedding was an out of state destination, I would most likely not be able to attend due to the costs of traveling, etc.

  2. Tammy needs to listen to her husband. My model is your day your way. If she starts early she can find a pretty inexpensive dress. It’s never good to crush a brides’ dreams.

  3. Sue says:

    Seems rather odd to me to want everyone to wear white but everyone’s idea of what they want at their own wedding is different. I feel that both of the above are right and that they should go along with the brides wishes.I do however agree with Tammy and her friends that are objecting that it is unreasonable for people to have to go out and buy something which they may never wear again. If it were me getting the invitation other than a light cream suit, I would have nothing to wear to it either because I am not much into white either. Hopefully the wedding will be in the middle of the summer when everyone has good tans lol.

  4. louie says:

    This is a ridiculous request and inconsiderate. Say nothing and wear what you want.

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