Make-Up Counter Meltdown


The Hard Sell

The other day, I was in a fancy department store.  I was there with a specific goal – to replace a favorite lip gloss of mine.  I rarely go make-up shopping, and was looking forward to a trip to the high-end cosmetics counter. Unfortunately, what I found in the beauty department were some very unattractive sales techniques!

I told the saleswoman – we’ll call her “Ruby” – that I just needed a lip gloss, and let her know the specific brand and color.  She told me that she would love to do a quick mini makeover on me.  I said I didn’t have much time – and only wanted to buy a lip gloss – but if she could work some magic in 5 minutes, I was game to see what she’d come up with.

A few minutes later I was covered in gunk, looking a good ten years older than my age.  And, of course, Ruby was calling over all the other salespeople to tell me how AMAZING I looked.  But that part was all ok.  I get it, her job is to sell make-up.  But it was her sales “pitch” that really put me over the edge…

Closing The Deal

512-Rows_of_lipstick_ImageOokikiooRuby laid out all the products she had used on me, and told me what a “great price point” they were.  Mind you, the total of the 2 brushes, blush, glow-y highlighter, foundation, skin oil and lip color was well over $300!  But that was ok, too, given that I was in a high end store and they may well have been inexpensive relative to other products.

Things began to get ugly when she sensed my hesitation and abruptly declared, “Well – you don’t have to buy all of them.” My first thought was that I didn’t have to buy any of them! Did I mention I just came in for a lip gloss?

Ruby stared at me, looking annoyed, and said “Well – which ones are you going to buy?” So, I replied, “I am going to buy none of them.  But I would still like the lip gloss.” At which point it turned out she couldn’t find the gloss I wanted and shoved another sort of similar one at me and told me to “buy this one instead”.  I politely declined and thanked her for her help – and she rolled her eyes and let out an audible, annoyed sigh as I walked away.萊雅-175210_copy1

On my way out, I spoke with the cosmetics manager – and without mentioning names, told him about the unique sales technique I had just experienced.  The manager was horrified and we ended up having a nice chat and laughing a lot – after all, it’s just lip gloss and not world peace we’re talking about…

In retrospect, I am wondering – should I have spoken directly to the salesperson about my feelings?  Was I right to speak with the manager? Or is that sort of heavy handed sales technique to be expected and should I have just said nothing?  Fab & Fru wants to know – how have you handled high pressure sales situations? Or if you are a salesperson – what do you think of what happened?  We want to hear from you!




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2 Responses to “Make-Up Counter Meltdown”

  1. Roomi says:

    No, you were justified. I mean, come on, you were completely upfront about what you wanted. It’s not like you lead her on to get a free makeover. It’s her own fault for wasting both of your time.

  2. Misty says:

    I worked sales and was used to people talking with all of the sales managers. What you did was totally correct! I don’t like pushy sales people, either. I know they get paid on commission but it’s not your job to buy so they make their quota. I politely decline and move on. I don’t let them give me makeovers because I have sensitive skin and I can’t afford it either.

Any Thoughts?