Spice It Up For Good Health

by Brandi Savitt – revised March 24, 2014

Cheap & Tasty Ways to Better Your Being

Trying to shed some pounds and get healthy this spring? Well instead of focusing on the foods you can’t have, focus on flavor instead!

Adding some spice to your life not only makes broiled chicken breast and raw veggies taste better – it’s also an inexpensive and easy way to boost your immune system and help you lose weight!

Some Like It Hot – Chili Peppers

Whether you decide to whip up an Asian stir fry or a three bean chili, adding a kick of red chili peppers or chili powder is an excellent way to help burn belly fat.  Chilies are loaded with fat burning capsinoids.  According to Prevention Magazine, a 2009 study showed that when volunteers took 6g of capsinoid oil a day, they lost 5 times as much fat as participants who did not.  Hot peppers also serve as an appetite suppressant too – not to mention their healthy heart promoting and anti-cancer properties…

Tu Tu Turmeric

In the ginger family, turmeric is a staple in Indian cooking and the yellow spice that gives curry its famous color.   Surprisingly, on its own, turmeric is a relatively mildly flavored spice, and can easily be added to savory dishes.  This super hero of spices contains curcumin, best known for it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.  But new studies also suggest that turmeric may increase brain levels of the feel-good neurotransmitter serotonin.  –Nothing like warding off disease while feeling awesome doing it!

Keep the Vampires Away with Garlic

We all know that garlic has some potent powers, but by generously spicing up your dishes with this famous flavor, you are boosting your immune system with antioxidants.  While garlic may help fight cancer and lower cholesterol, it also has anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiviral effects.  From your Italian favorites to Thai food, garlic is a kitchen staple that should NOT be avoided out of fear of bad breath!

The Fragrant Oregano

Speaking of Italy and the Mediterranean, oregano is not just for pizza sauce.  Use this herb fresh or dried in salads, dressings, fish, chicken, or roasted veggies.  Oregano is loaded with antioxidants and has killer antibacterial properties. Oregano oil has been found to have effective natural barriers to help protect against E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria and help keep you healthy all year long!

The Sweetness of Cinnamon

Whether you sprinkle it on your oatmeal, or on your cappuccino, cinnamon helps aid digestion – and according to Prevention – one teaspoon of cinnamon has more antioxidants than a cup of blueberries! An even bigger benefit: cinnamon can help reduce spikes in blood sugar after eating high carb or sugary foods.  By helping to stabilize insulin levels, this powerhouse spice may help decrease the risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer!

Learning how to cook with herbs & spices will not only make you a better chef, it’s a Fab & Fru ingredient to a healthier lifestyle!   What are your favorite spices to cook with?



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