The Brilliance Of Brunch


The Perfect Party Meal

We at Fab & Fru love to entertain, but wining and dining your friends and family can get costly – but it doesn’t have to! From holiday celebrations to a simple gathering with friends – brunch is the perfect meal and time of day to create a special – affordable – experience for your guests. If you’re hosting a large gathering, we have a scrumptiously elegant menu and ideas to WOW your guests without breaking the bank.

Check out the extravaganza we’re planning for an upcoming Fab & Fru college reunion weekend getaway! -This is also the perfect menu for your upcoming Easter brunch, wedding, or baby shower.

Planning & Prepping

Even if you are more of a ‘wing it’ kind of gal, planning out your party in detail will save you money and make your life a whole lot easier - believe me there is always plenty left to do at the last minute.  Your energy will set the tone of the party, and if you’re frantic and rushing around like a chicken with your head cut off, people will sense your distress.  Let your event seem effortless.  Your guests will have more fun and so will you!

The Menu

  • Baked Oatmealthis scrumptiously sweet take on classic oatmeal is perfect for large groups, and it’s a crowd pleasing addition to any brunch table!
  • Mini Baked Frittatas - These individual ‘egg muffins’ are an elegant and delicious way to put a smile on the faces of all of your guests!
  • Chicken SausageMy butcher makes a killer breakfast chicken sausage.  Cook up the breakfast sausage of your choice – it all goes with this menu!
  • Grapefruit, Orange Mint Salad - This colorful, sweet and tangy salad is as eye pleasing as it is refreshing!
  • Mini Croissants - Unless you’re a true baker and have the time, pick up of a dozen or two of these bad boys at your local bakery instead.  Another option – many gourmet grocery stores carry authentic, frozen mini croissants that you can just pop in the oven and serve warm – yum – (and I don’t mean Pillsbury)!
  • Blood Orange Mimosas - This twist on the classic mimosa adds some Fab & Fru flare to this easy to make daytime cocktail!

Signature Cocktail & Daytime Beverages

Nothing screams classy more than being handed a colorful cocktail in a champagne flute when you enter a party.  Keep things simple at the bar for your daytime soiree.  Coffee, tea, juice, water in pitchers, and your signature cocktail for the day – like our ‘couldn’t be easier to make’ Blood Orange Mimosas.  If you want to add wine and beer to the the table, invite your guests to bring a bottle or two…

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