Bad Car-ma


Our friend Dana’s morning got off to a very frustrating start!  She was pulling into the parking lot of her daughter’s school – of course running late – when she saw what looked like one parking spot left.  As she got closer, she realized that one car had actually parked over two spots – leaving the small space next to it unusable.

Rushing around, Dana left the lot to look for street parking – but couldn’t find anything except a street cleaning zone.  Not wanting her daughter to be even more late for class, she took a chance and parked illegally while she ran her child into school. When she got back, there was a ticket for $58 sitting on her windshield…

The ticket made her even more upset at the person who had parked across two spots – so she ran into school, made a copy of the ticket, and left it on the Double Parker’s car with an angry note, telling them how rude it was to take up two spots – and that she had gotten a ticket because of it.

Now, the parking lot story has turned into a bit of a “thing” at school.  While no one thinks it was right for the Double Parker to take two spots, some of the parents think Dana overreacted, since no one forced her to park illegally.  Now, the Double Parker is feeling bad and wonders if she should cover the cost of the ticket, just apologize without offering any money, or perhaps say nothing at all!

What would you do? Tell us what you think!

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3 Responses to “Bad Car-ma”

  1. Sue says:

    I think that Dana has a right to feel irritated with the “double parker” but she also needs to take responsibility for her own actions. She knew that she was parking illegally and hence could get a ticket when she did so. I think it is rather funny that she took the ticket off of her car, left it parked there, went back in the school and copied it and placed the copy on Double Parker’s car. Think about this, taking the ticket off the car could have easily gotten her ticketed again. Dana has a little road rage going on and needs to slow down. An apology would be nice from Double Parker but no money. Everyone needs to think more about what they do.

  2. Molly says:

    “Double Parker” has one of those “it’s all about me” attitudes. It’s a busy school lot with not enough space for everyone. What he/she did was exceedingly rude. They should pay the $29.00.

    Yes, Dana shouldn’t have illegally parked, but she didn’t have much choice if she wanted her kid in school on time.

  3. Nancy says:

    I’m with Molly here. The double parker should feel bad and should pay half.

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