Get Allergy Relief Naturally

by Brandi Savitt – revised April 7, 2014


Fab & Fru Solutions for Seasonal Sniffles

The weather is warming up, and the signs of spring are finally here – including itchy, puffy eyes and runny noses.  If you’re anything like me and hope to control your seasonal allergies with a more holistic approach – read on.  We have some natural, affordable solutions to help you get relief – without having to rely on medication or years of costly allergy shots!

Neti Pot to the Rescue

If you suffer from allergies, or even a cold, nasal irrigation is an ancient ritual recommended by ear, nose, and throat surgeons.  It flushes out irritants in the nasal passage while helping to relieve sinus pressure.

One of the most cleansing ways to irrigate your nasal passages (we know, it may sound unappealing) is by using a neti pot.  Used for centuries in India, this Ayurvedic  practice of cleansing the breathing passages is still a powerful secret weapon for allergy sufferers.  And although pouring salt water in one nostril and out the other takes a little getting used to, performing this simple procedure in the morning and at night can bring you serious relief. -If you’re traveling, or just can’t handle the thought of the neti pot, you can achieve a similar effect by using a nasal spray bottle 2-3 times a day.

Ceramic neti pots are sold separately for about $15 dollars, and many are also sold with a starter kit containing their own saline mixture that you mix with water.  But to ensure a chemical free yet potent remedy, we recommend that you make your own saline solution:

Saline Solution Recipe

  • Carefully clean and rinse a new glass 1-quart jar.
  • Pour 3 cups of distilled water into a small saucepan
  • Add one heaping tablespoon of non-iodized pure sea or Kosher  salt. DO NOT use table salt. Table salt has unwanted additives.
  • Add one level teaspoon of baking soda (pure bicarbonate).
  • Boil the mixture for 5 minutes.  Remove from heat and pour the solution in the mason jar and let cool.  Once room temperature, fill an empty nasal spray bottle with the solution, or fill your neti pot for immediate use. If you’re using the neti pot twice a day, this recipe will last you about a week.  If you use it more sparingly, be sure to store the jar, with the leftover solution, in the refrigerator (up to a month).

Take a Shower…

Not only will the steam help to open up your nasal passages, if you’ve been doing yard work or hanging outside enjoying the weather, washing off the pollen and other airborne allergens from your skin will give you some instant relief.

Green Juices & Green Smoothies

Boost your immune system and flush out toxins by drinking a green juice or smoothie every morning.  Drinking fresh, organic, chlorophyll filled veggie juice everyday is like mainlining vitamins and minerals straight into your system.  While juices are more concentrated, green smoothies are fiber filled - because the whole fruit and veggie is used – excellent for helping to keep your digestive system in tip top shape.  Mix up your beverages for ultimate results.

Check out our favorite tips and recipes, and save money by making your juice and smoothies at home!

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2 Responses to “Get Allergy Relief Naturally”

  1. Kathy says:

    Fabulous tips as always. I love my neti pot and swear by it. Thanks!!!

  2. cat says:

    don’t use a neti pot when travelling. there are some water systems that have bacteria that can kill you.

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