How To Be A Great Guest


Free Ways To Make A Host Happy

Our friend Leah was telling us about a great dinner party she had recently – and she mentioned that some of the most valuable things her guests provided didn’t cost a thing!  Now that’s Fab & Fru…

So, in addition to whatever gracious hostess gift you bring, there are also some crucial things you can do for free that will help make the night a huge success.

A Mind For Mingling

As Leah pointed out, guests have a responsibility to be social and be entertaining.  No one has invited you into their home with the hopes of your being a bump on a log.  So have at least one topic on hand that you can talk to anyone about – even a total stranger.  To some people this comes naturally.  If you are not one of those people, that means you have some homework to do before your next party!

imagesInitiate Introductions

A great guest knows the host is busy doing ten thousand things, and will make sure they introduce themselves to any guest at the party they don’t already know.  Being shy, antisocial or tired is not an excuse.  Be a grown-up and make eye contact and introduce yourself – your host will be grateful you did.

Respect Your Host’s Wishes

A great guest offers to help – and then actually listens to what the host tells them.  There’s nothing worse than guests who try to rush you through dinner or start the clean-up process at someone else’s house.  A guest should never dictate timing of serving or cleaning up.  We’ve been to several events where guests have done this and they are usually the ones who don’t get asked back!

Thank You

It takes mere seconds to send a thank you email – but your host may indeed remember for years if you don’t do it! It’s amazing how many people don’t take the time for this simple act of gratitude – a warm, genuine thank you doesn’t cost a thing and is guaranteed to be appreciated.

These are just a few freebies your host will be grateful for – which others do you recommend?




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One Response to “How To Be A Great Guest”

  1. Jennifer says:

    This is one of my favorite columns that you’ve done because it’s free to be civilized, polite and entertaining. Guests who begin to clear or suggest clearing are telling their host that they are ready to leave and that’s rude. All my best parties got cleaned up the next day anyway.

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