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In anticipation of spring break – and warmer weather – I have been searching for some espadrille-ish, sandal-y additions to my wardrobe.  The problem? Most of the ones I’ve liked are either really high heeled or totally flat. But what I really needed was just a slight wedge to add a little height – without rendering me incapable of chasing my two boys.

I was just about to give up on my search when I ran into Target to pick up some dog bones (which of course led me to a purchase of well over $100 – why does that always happen?) and I found my shoes!  I just love the Merona Tori wedge sandals – and at a price of only $21.99, I just had to share this Fab & Fru fashion find with you!

Stylish – And On Sale

Bonus? Target is offering a buy one get one for 50% off promo on shoes – so it’s a great time to stock up.  Even though the weather might not seem like it now, it will eventually be warm enough to enjoy these sandals!  The “Tori” comes in several colors, but I went with the (subtle) gold because it’s such an easy to wear neutral.

While not a typical espadrille, the straps are made of canvas-y material and they do have a rope heel.  It’s sort of a crossover between an espadrille and a more typical sandal, finished off with a very au courant zipper detail on the back (which unfortunately you don’t see in the picture).  The only caveat is these seem to be made for those with a narrow foot – this shoe is definitely cut on the slighter side!

Even if it’s still cold where you are, now is the time to stock up on deals like this.  And if you’ve found any other superb summer sandals worth snapping up now, please let us know – we’ve been on the hunt!


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