A Loyalist’s Dilemma

Woman Getting Hair Done

Changing Hair Stylists Without Guilt?

Rebecca is one of the most loyal people we know. Besides being a true blue friend, she has long lasting relationships with everyone from the local butcher to her yoga instructor, and of course her hair stylist.  In fact, Rafael has been cutting and coloring Rebecca’s hair for close to ten years! But when Rebecca called to book an emergency highlight appointment with Rafael a few months ago, she was told that he had just had knee surgery and was going to be out for at least a month, possibly longer …

Desperate to get her hair done before her upcoming college reunion, Rebecca asked the salon who they recommended her to see. And later that week, as Rebecca sat in Izzy’s chair, she felt like she was cheating on Rafael…

Izzy knew full well that Rebecca was Rafael’s long term client, and understood completely.  But instead of just following along with what was in Rebecca’s file, she dove in with a few intriguing suggestions and new ideas.  At first, Rebecca was a little wary about the subtle changes Izzy wanted to make to her color, but she also felt a change would be good.  She went for it and absolutely LOVED it! …The icing on the cake – when Rebecca went to pay -  Izzy’s rates were $20 less than Rafael’s!

Cut to two months later, and Rebecca is due for a trim and color.  But when she called to schedule an appointment with Rafael for Friday, she learned Friday is now his day off.  Was this her chance? With a pit in her stomach, she booked an appointment with Izzy for Friday…

While Rebecca loves Rafael, she also really enjoyed her experience branching out with Izzy and wants to see how she is at cutting hair too. She also likes the idea of saving a little money… The problem is, she feels absolutely tortured over how Rafael may feel if he finds out.  On the other hand, he never even called her to tell her that he was having surgery – or changing his schedule – which makes her feel slightly more justified.

Is Rebecca wrong for moonlighting with another stylist at the same salon? What if she starts to really prefer going to Izzy and wants it to be a permanent switch? Can she stay at the salon guilt free or will she have to someday face Rafael head on?

What would you do?  Tell us what you think!



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2 Responses to “A Loyalist’s Dilemma”

  1. Sue says:

    Realistically unless his surgery was an emergency surgery, she would probably have been in the salon for a trim or color shortly before his surgery and he would probably have told her that he would be off for a while due to the surgery. When my long time hair dresser was going on vacation or something he would always let his clients know as he saw them not by calling them. An emergency color for a school reunion? HMMMM that sounds like something that you would plan for in advance so I am wondering whether Rebecca tends to not plan things in advance so that she would have an appt. With both my long term hair dresser who had to retire after a stroke and the next hairdresser I used for a couple of years, I normally make an appt when I am leaving an appt so I have it set in advance trying to accommodate for vacations etc. Then she would have received a phone call for sure to cancel. My last hair dresser (who is also a client of mine) left the salon she was with and did not call to tell me that she left and she is the daughter-in-law of a good friend of mine who originally recommended her when I was searching for a stylist. Also many times there is a difference in the charge scale at salons based on experience etc. This could be also what is happening here. I think if she wants to switch hairdressers in the same salon she needs to tell her hairdresser otherwise she may end up causing a rift within the salon that is not necessary.

  2. Simone says:

    I agree with Sue (err…well not about the whole when to book appts, vacations, surgery, cancelations, emergency color, etc)

    I agree with her last sentence, if she’s going to change hairstylists, she should tell the original one. I would just say it in a kind way, such as “I’ve always loved how you’ve done my hair, and I’m sure I’ll be back to you, but right now, I want to change things up a bit”. I wouldn’t mention money, as $20. isn’t a big enough difference to matter.

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