Fabulous & Free Mother’s Day Gift


The Fab & Fru Coupon Book

Running around like crazy trying to find a last minute Mother’s Day gift? There’s no need.  We’ve got the perfect solution – and it won’t cost you a thing…

The one thing every mom needs more of is time.  And by giving mom a gift of personalized “DIY” Mother’s Day Coupons, you will delight her without spending a dime.  Getting kids involved in making the coupons is a creative way to make it even more special.

After polling some of our friends, here are some ideas for coupons:

- An afternoon off while the other parent takes over – without any guilt trips!

- A week of loading and/or unloading the dishwasher – without being asked!

- A week of doing laundry when it starts to pile up – yes, this includes folding and sorting!

- A week of doing the grocery shopping

- Washing mom’s car – either doing it yourself or taking it to be washed for her

- A week’s worth of doing the early morning dog walking and cleaning out the fish bowls – without griping!

- A few coupons each good for a night of cooking (or ordering in) dinner so Mom doesn’t have to think about it

- A coupon for a massage from the other parent

- A week’s worth of sorting through the ever-growing pile of junk mail

- All members of family pick up their clothes and mess off the floor for a week – without being asked!

Personalized Perfection

These are just a few of our friends’ ideas.  The key to making this gift work is tailoring it to the recipient.  Anything they seem to complain about on a regular basis (probably with good reason, mind you) is a good place to start!

An added bonus is that after doing these things because they have to – there is a slight chance some family members might actually get in a routine and keep being helpful just because it’s a nice thing to do.  Either way, DIY coupons are a one-size-fits-all, sure to please gift for that special mom in your life!



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