How To Become A Better Cook

by Brandi Savitt – revised June 16, 2014

Save Cash by Upping Your Culinary Confidence

Do you eat out every night, buy prepared meals, and snack on whatever is in reach because you think you can’t cook? Well, if you want to be healthier and save some cash, it’s time to get some Kitchen Confidence!

You don’t have to be a natural born chef to make a delicious, healthy and affordable meal.  And, no,  you don’t have to make elaborate meals every night to get a tasty result – heck Rachel Ray made an enterprise cooking 30 minute or less meals. Believe me, if you like to eat, you can learn how to cook.  Here are five Fab & Fru ways to up your game in the kitchen so you can have your cake and eat it too!

Pay Attention to What You Eat

Have you ever had a meal with someone who can identify every single ingredient in every mouthful?  Well, you don’t have to have bionic taste buds to develop a more refined palette.  You simply have to start paying more attention to what you’re eating and what ingredients are in your food.  The first step to understanding a recipe and getting creative in the kitchen is to get a sense of flavors and how they combine with other foods.  So, the next time you go out for your favorite meal, pay attention to all the tastes and aspire to recreate the same dish at home.

Even the great Julia Child did not pride herself on being a natural born chef.  Rather, it was her sheer joy of eating and appreciating food that led her to train at Le Cordon Bleu and become a world famous gourmand!

Master Your Favorite Recipes

My friend Miah is an excellent cook, and it is all due to his dedication to practicing recipes.  A couple of years ago he was teaching himself to make the perfect skate dinner, so he followed different skate recipes every night for two ENTIRE weeks until he mastered his favorite one.

Now, I’m not saying that you need to cook the same thing over and over again for weeks on end, but if you want to become a better cook, you need to practice your favorites until they become your own!

Must have cookbooks:

Mark Bittman’s Classic- How To Cook Everything

Deborah Madison’s- Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone

David Waltuck’s- Staff Meals From Chanterelle

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Once you get an understanding of flavors and have mastered a recipe or two, don’t be afraid to start experimenting with recipes or even try making up your own dish.  Learning how to cook is total trial and error.  Your goal should be to be able  to whip up something tasty on the spot with whatever you have in the house.  If you never feel comfortable deviating from a recipe, you may soon find yourself again relying on take out menus.

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3 Responses to “How To Become A Better Cook”

  1. Beverly says:

    What an inspiration!! If you think you can’t cook, just keep practicing!! I guess confidence is the key here. Thanks!

  2. Jo says:

    Fab and Fru always has such good advice. I am really going to try to experiment in the kitchen!!

  3. Sue says:

    There is nothing more fun than trying new things in the kitchen. I have been told that I am an excellent cook but I think part of that is because I love to try new things, tastes, etc. I like to spend a little time searching the internet for things that look interesting like the Hoisin pork and rice noodles that I made Saturday. Do not get me wrong, I have lots of cookbooks but I like looking at pictures too. My favorite cookbook is an international cookbook which has 5 recipes from most every country in the world. They all have pictures and I have tried many of them. Also I recently have become something of an addict of Triple D (Drive-ins, Diners and Dives) just because they checkout so many varieties of types of foods etc. and on the food network you can find many of the recipes. For an amazing breakfast, try a strawberry souffle pancake. OH so good and was featured on Triple D. Enjoy. And remember many times a recipe calls for something that is not in your cupboards, well try googling what you can use as a substitute or make yourself since unless it is a standard item you may not need that spice or whatever again for a long time.

Any Thoughts?