Julia Child’s Chic Aperitif

Refreshingly Fab & Fru

Leave it to the genius of Julia Child to give us recipes that are high on sophistication and low on expense.  And while she is best known for food, Julia also knew how to mix a delish drink!

I finally got around to trying the concoction rumored to have been one of her favorite cocktails -The Angosoda.  Not only is it an unexpected treat, it’s totally Fab & Fru!

Use What You’ve Got

If you have a fully stocked bar (and we hope you do) then you have a bottle of Angostura Bitters just languishing in there, rarely seeing the light of day. Well, it’s time to stop ignoring this little, lonely bottle – your bitters are about to take center stage. All you need to do it mix it with some other household staples for a refreshing and unexpected cocktail!

The magic lies in combining ingredients you already have on hand to create something special – so you’re spending no cash at all! 

Angosoda Cocktail Recipe

This simple recipe is the perfect after-work treat, or summer aperitif.  Practically alcohol free (I guess this could be seen as a positive or a negative) but with a little bite.

Several ice cubes
Angostura Bitters
1 slice lime
6 oz Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water
In a large, handsome, stemmed glass, place several cubes of ice. Dash on a few drops of Angostura Bitters. Add a slice of lime. Fill with sparkling water. This recipe yields 1 cocktail.

Here’s to Julia Child – one of our favorite Fab & Fru ladies of all time. 

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