Puppy Love?


Last week, Natalia’s boyfriend Todd surprised her – and her five year old son, Simon – with a four month old rescue puppy named Bourgie. Simon had been hounding Nat for a dog for months, but she hadn’t yet given in. And while Simon was beyond thrilled with the surprise, Nat felt instantly overwhelmed…

Though she and Todd have recently become more serious, they are far from making plans to get married or move in together.  And, as a single mom with a full time job, Natalia was immediately worried about who would take care of the dog and pay for all the expenses associated with having a pet! While she does work from home three days a week, she really has no interest in dealing with a dog in the middle of her day…

Soon after presenting the pup, Todd made it clear that he’d help care for Bourgie both physically and financially, but Nat is worried that most of the burden will fall on her shoulders. Plus, she feels awkward having to rely on Todd for money when they haven’t even made a long term commitment to one another.  So…

Should Natalia give the puppy back to the pound and risk damaging her relationship (even though he didn’t ask her first) and devastating her son? Should she ask Todd if Bourgie can live with him for the time being?  Or should she accept the gift and embrace Bourgie – and Todd’s gesture to take care of something together?

What would you do?  Tell us what you think!


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3 Responses to “Puppy Love?”

  1. louie says:

    How can she give the Pup back now? She should simply have the conversation with Todd about responsibilities surrounding doggie ownership and tell him if things don’t work the dog must move in with him. Todd seems like a good hearted guy and I”ll bet he won’t object at all.

  2. Molly says:

    I disagree with Louie that Todd is a good hearted guy. I think he’s thoughtless and insensitive. How dare he bring a puppy into the home of a single mother of a five year old child without asking first?!?
    I think this is a real indication that Todd acts first and doesn’t think about his actions. He’s a loose cannon.
    He’s put Natalie in a horrible position and if she gives back the puppy her son will be devastated. If the relationship doesn’t work out, she’s stuck with a dog that she might not be able to afford, and doesn’t want to care for, and will have to ask Todd for the “dog support” he verbally promised.
    Getting a puppy is like having a child, and it’s something that no one should take lightly.

    I think Natalie should get it in writing from Todd that no matter what happens in their relationship, he’s paying all the vet bills for the next 10 years. If he doesn’t agree then I think they have to find another home for the dog and it’s up to Todd to explain to the child that he did an irresponsible thing and it’s not his mom’s fault that the puppy has to go to a new home. If he can’t man up and take some responsibility for his poorly thought out actions, Natalie is best to get rid of him now.

  3. Jackie says:

    I think Todd wanted a dog but couldn’t deal with caring for one solo, so he bought one for his girlfriend and her desperate for a dog son, thinking he could visit, toss a ball when he felt like it and escape back to his nice quiet, responsibility free home. Head for the hills, Natalie. He didn’t consider you, your son or the pooch.

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