Reduce Your Air Conditioning Bill

by Brandi Savitt – June 30, 2014

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Without Spending Money…

Ever notice that many tips that help reduce your air conditioning bill require you to spend money?  Don’t sweat it!  We have four simple, efficient and free Fab & Fru ways to reduce your electric bill all summer long!

 Maintain Your Unit

Sorry folks, laziness may be one of the key reasons your air conditioner is working harder than it needs to.  One simple solution – KEEP YOUR  FILTER CLEAN! According to the Department of Energy, a clean filter allows for better air movement and efficiency.  Also make sure your unit is sitting level so the condensation drains properly.

78 is the Magic Number

It may seem warm, but 78 degrees Fahrenheit is where you should try and keep your thermostat to stay cool while you’re at home. Keep in mind that every degree lower than 78 can increase your bill by 3-4%!

Also, according to the Department of Energy, you will save 5-15%  by raising your thermostat even slightly above 78 at night and while no one is home.  If you’re going to be gone the entire day, save even more by just leaving your unit in fan mode.

How to Really Use a Fan

Fans aid your air conditioner’s efficiency by helping to circulate the air and allowing you to raise the temperature on the thermostat a few degrees. Ceiling fans are fabulous for this – if you have one already.  But the truth is – there is no need to invest in an expensive fan – just use what you’ve got.  And if put in the proper location, fans can help you turn off the air conditioning completely! Here’s how you do it:

If you live in a multi story house, position your fans on your house’s upper level and open windows on a lower level. If you live in a one-story house or apartment, close windows near the fan and open windows in rooms far from the fan, preferably on the side of your home that gets the best breeze.

Dealing with Humidity

No one likes a humid house…  So, how do you deal? According to the US Department of Energy, on hot days set your AC on high, EXCEPT when it’s also extremely humid outside. To more efficiently reduce humidity in the room, put your AC on low.  When the air passes more slowly through through the AC, the unit can remove more moisture from the air – improving comfort and air quality in your home.

Stay cool this summer for less, and for more money saving air conditioning tips - click here!


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