Should Portland Be Postponed?

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Is There A Problem With This Payment Plan?

Six months ago, our friend Jenna lent her babysitter, Karen, some money -  $1000 to be exact.  Karen’s roommate up and left unexpectedly, and Jenna was happy to help Karen get through a stressful time…

Karen agreed to pay Jenna back $50 a month, and since then has always paid her promptly on the first day of the month.  The issue?  Jenna recently asked Karen what her plans were for Labor Day weekend, and, much to Jenna’s surprise, Karen told her she was going on a trip to Portland with several girlfriends.  She then told Jenna that although the air fare was pretty high, she and her friends would be splitting the costs of the hotel so at least that wouldn’t be so bad …

Jenna couldn’t believe Karen was using her money to travel – rather than pay her back in full!  Although Karen has been adhering perfectly to their $50 per month plan, Jenna assumed that was all she could afford. Now that she knows Karen has enough money to travel, she is feeling like perhaps she was taken advantage of and should renegotiate the payment plan…

Some of our friends agree with Jenna, but others think she is overreacting and that as long as Karen sticks to their agreement she can spend her money any way she wants. So – what do you think? Should Karen go enjoy Portland, or should she have paid her boss back before making vacation plans?

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2 Responses to “Should Portland Be Postponed?”

  1. Molly says:

    What we don’t know here is how the $50.repayment plan came about. Did Jenna say to Karen, “pay me back $50. a month”, or did Karen ask, “Can I pay you back $50. because that’s all I can afford?”.

    But the truth is, Karen is sticking to her agreement, so Jenna really has no say in how Karen spends her money.

  2. Misty says:

    I think Jenna is overreacting. What she doesn’t realize, is that Karen is probably going into more debt by taking this trip. If she continues to pay Jenna back like they had arranged, it is not Jenna’s business if Karen goes on vacation.

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