Why Do You Want to be Rich?

by Brandi Savitt – revised July 21, 2014

How Would You Spend $2 Million Bucks?

While money can’t solve every problem in the universe, it’s hard to argue that having more of it wouldn’t help, right?  Who wouldn’t want to be wealthy?  Of course everyone’s definition of being RICH varies.  But we’re guessing most people would say if they didn’t have to worry about money, their lives would be a whole lot easier!

So, Fab & Fru wants to know: if someone gave you $2 million bucks tomorrow, what would you do with all the money?  But before you answer that, first ask yourself the following questions…

Defining Financial Freedom

What does financial  freedom mean to you?  Buying a new car or taking a luxurious trip to Bali?  Paying off your mortgage and other debts?  Having the means to help out your family and others in need?  Having enough to invest in building your fortune and your financial future?

It may be one of these answers, none of them, or all of the above.  But deciding what financial freedom means to you is not only a motivational factor -  you may just learn what you value most in life!

Living in a Material World

No one likes to admit that they’re materialistic, but most of us are – even if just a little… We live in a consumer culture, and we are raised to want and always want more.  And while some of us are more content than others with what we do have, we all have that wish list of STUFF we’d like to buy if we had the cash.

Are you the practical type who would save most of the money and just spend a little?  Would you blow the whole wad at once?  Or are you so frugal that you would save every dime to ensure your financial security later?

Can’t Buy Me Love

Okay, so now that you’re rich, are you happy?  Are you personally fulfilled? Are you content with your work and your relationships?  Do you have your health?  Money can’t really buy us any of these things…or can it?  Tell us if you think money can help us to be healthier, find true happiness and contentment?  If so, how?

The $2 Million Question…

So, back to the original question… You just won $2 million.  Tell us what you’d do with your winnings,  and why you think it would make your life easier and happier. We want to hear your $2 million game plan!

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11 Responses to “Why Do You Want to be Rich?”

  1. Bob Smith says:

    I would of course take the money and get Taylor Swift to sing at my anniversary.

    No I would go out and put my money where it is the safest in my mattress. You can’t invest now the market is gonna take a plunge.

    However the safest investments are medallions so I would try and buy two of those.

    They should rename the column to words of wisdom by Brandi Savitt.

  2. Simone says:

    I’d buy an apt in a building that’s about 2 blocks from where I currently live. The one I want it about 1.5 million. I’d then rent out our current apt and have income from it. I’d spend about $100,000. paying off debts & mortgage. I’d splurge about $20,000. on an awesome vacation. Then I’d out the rest in the bank/investment as nice cushion.
    When is that check coming Fab and Fru???

  3. Tina says:

    I’d pay off my mortgage and pay for my childrens college education. We are there now so cash to send to the colleges would be much better than loans.

    I’d buy a Chevy Volt so I can skip as much of the expensive gas fillups as possible. I would also have to splurge on a new tent for backpacking adventures.

    The rest would go into the bank and we could live on my salary from my job just as we do now but without the need to juggle bills and rob Peter to pay Paul. Just in case you are wondering; Peter is broke!!!!

  4. Jennifer says:

    I would pay off our college and credit card debt.

    Buy a car and a house. Nothing too fancy, but an upgrade from our ’98 Corolla for our growing family. And a house, so I can have more than one closet.

    Then I’d pay off my parents and in-laws debt.

    Give to charity.

    And save the rest!

    I’m sure I would buy a few things for the baby and a couple pairs of shoes!

  5. Carmen says:

    If I had two million dollars I would pay off all of my debt. would invest in CDs for my son and myself. I would open a trust account for him in the event anything should happen to me. I would invest in my business.
    I would help pay of the debt of my parents and put up money for my little sister as well.

    After I have taken care of financial business, I would purchase my first home and finish school. I would also take my son on his first vacation. I would set aside money for my favorite charities and causes.

    I would not leave abouve my normal means. I would try to live as humble as I can and remain true to myself and my son.

  6. Kellie says:

    If I had $2 million, I would immediately donate half of that amount to my favorite charities. Then, I would take 2/3 of the remaining amount and invest (wisely of course). I would pay off all my student loans, then purchase a new vehicle that is not terribly expensive (mine is on its last leg), and buy a little house on the beach. The rest I would live off of and start a small business that could keep me afloat!

  7. Sondra says:

    If I were to win that kind of money first thing is I would do is buy a new car. Second I would take a vacation considering I have not been on vacation since 2007.

    Then I would help out my parents and my sister. I would continue to work and I would focus on doing what I would love to do which is help out kids/teens whom have had a bad childhoods weither it be kids with parents as addicts or just any kind of abuse situations. It means a lot to me considering Im one of them.

    Im a people pleaser so I would just want to help as much as I can without going broke.

  8. Alma says:

    I would pay off the morgage and invest the rest in the stock market with the goal of doubling my money within 12 months,and then at the minimum doubling that investment every year after that!

  9. Tina says:

    If I had $2M I would open a book store that had a FREE book section where you can leave a book and take a book. I would hire someone good at voices to do a read to children event once a week.

    I would really like to be able to stand at Kroger and pay for the groceries of everyone checking out for a few hours one Sat afternoon.

    After that; no idea.

  10. Sue says:

    1. Pay off debt.
    2. Invest most of the remainder and set up a generous allowance technically so that the money would last for the rest of my life.
    3. Write up a new will so that my nieces and nephews and sisters and brothers all get a portion. Enough money would have to be set aside for Lana (my dog) so that she would be taken care of in the manner that she is used to living in.
    4. Give some money to my favorite charities
    5. Take a vacation since it has been a long time.

    Live life still simply but not worrying about every dollar and what if……..

  11. Jackie says:

    I would move to the little pink house set right on Cooper Island not far from st. Thomas, but far enough. While beach bumbing, I would set up accounts for a few special family members so they could pay off debts…and then I would just enjoy feeling safe, secure and peaceful.

Any Thoughts?