Fashion & Friendship


Fashion knows no pain … or does it? Check out what happened to our friend Callie on a recent shopping trip with her friend Kate…

Callie and Kate each needed to find a dress to wear to a mutual friend’s wedding, and embarked on an afternoon of shopping to find the perfect frock.  A couple hours in to their hunt, Callie slipped into one that made her feel like a million bucks.  The only problem? It cost double what she wanted to spend! Being on a tight budget, Callie reluctantly took the dress off and decided to keep looking.

As they went to put the dress back on the rack, Kate asked Callie if she could try the dress on … Callie, not wanting to be petty, told her to go ahead.  Guess what? Kate loved it too!  The only difference being that Kate had a way bigger budget than Callie and could easily afford the dress.  After an awkward pause, Kate asked Callie if she minded if she bought the dress? Callie – though envious – told her to go for it …

The next morning Callie woke up feeling resentful that Kate bought the dress. Some of our friends totally get it – and think that Kate was wrong to have even asked Callie if it was ok – when it so obviously was not!  But other friends think Callie is being petty – given that the dress would have just ended up back on the rack anyway – who cares if her friend bought it? So – what do you think?  Is Callie overreacting? Or did Kate make a major fashion faux pas?


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3 Responses to “Fashion & Friendship”

  1. Sue says:

    Callie needs to chill out. She is being petty. If she could not afford the dress and Kate could and loved it then what is the big deal? At least one of them gets to enjoy the dress. Maybe at some point she might even be able to borrow it for a function that they are not both goiing to.

  2. Molly says:

    Why would Callie try it on in the first place if it’s not in her budget? Sounds to me like she likes to create problems for herself.
    She should let it go and let Kate enjoy the dress.

  3. Liz says:

    When you go shopping with other people your tastes and budgets are always different. Why get irritated if one person can afford something you can’t. It’s a string of jealousy that you are creating in the relationship and it will grow and choke the friendship. Be happy your not going over budget and get something you can afford and for the life of me be happy with yourself and not a material possession. Friendship is so much more than that. People who create unnecessary problems are always finding a reason to be miserable.

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