Our Favorite Natural Deodorant


Weleda Wins Again

The temperature in L.A. is soaring today – which of course means I’m thinking about my favorite all-natural deodorant!  We’ve written about our love of Weleda Citrus Deodorant in the past, and it’s still our Fab & Fru fave.

It’s worth noting Weleda Deodorant is just that – a deodorant – not an anti-perspirant.  Like many women, we try to avoid the aluminum and chemicals present in many anti-perspirants, plus we don’t want to stop our natural sweating process.  A good deodorant can leave you smelling fresh all summer – but not all natural deodorants are created equal…

Worth The Splurge

A 3.4 ounce bottle usually costs anywhere from $9 to $14 – not cheap – but we do feel it’s totally worth the splurge! We’ve tried many different kinds, and for our money – this is the one that works best. Plus, we love that it’s a spray – we just haven’t had any luck with those rock crystals and stick deodorants always seem messy…

We think the Weleda citrus scent is perfect for summer – but if citrus isn’t your thing, it also comes in Sage and Rose scents.  Weleda deodorant is available at Whole Foods, but you can often find better deals for it online.

One thing we haven’t tried?  Making our own deodorant! If you have any Fab & Fru DIY formulas, we want to hear them!

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