Small-ish Loans, Big-ish Dilemma


Our friend Courtney recently came to us with a dilemma – and we’re honestly not sure what to tell her! She was tallying up all the “small-ish” loans she had made over the past year – and realizing they all added up to a rather large amount.

She reckons she loaned $50 to one friend (who forgot to bring cash to a big group dinner), $10 to another (to cover valet parking costs), $20 to another (to cover her portion of a group gift) and, well, you get the idea.  In total, Courtney estimates she loaned a total of $200 out over the past year, in small chunks to many different people.

Since realizing she’s out hundreds of dollars, Courtney decided she wants to reach out to all the loan-ees and try to get repaid.  The problem?  She is worried about seeming petty for asking for small amounts back.  Court is thinking of emailing her pals and telling them the truth – that the small loans she’s made have really added up. But first, she wants to know if Fab & Fru approves of her plan…

Some of us think she should let the really small loans go – that it might be just too awkward to ask for a $10 loan to be repaid 6 months later.  Others think she is absolutely right to ask for even the smallest loans back.  After all, just because these loans have slipped her friends’ minds doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve to be repaid. Still other friends think she should just forget getting paid back – but be much more careful about loaning money in the future…

So – what do you think? Would you understand if a friend emailed you today asking for $20 they loaned you 6 months ago?  Would you email a friend asking for $10 you lent them 8 months ago? Tell us how you would handle this awkward money situation!

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